We are excited to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with the state regarding the effects of the governor’s vaccine mandate.

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Housing and Food Services has scheduled rolling furloughs for custodians.

Why? And what does this mean?                 

Because there are fewer students on campus, UW Housing and Food Services is facing a budget crisis and a shortage of work. Housing and food services depends on student fees and a number of buildings will now be closed.  

To avoid permanent layoffs, your union has negotiated furloughs and important protections while you are on furlough. 

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice president-elect Kamala Harris on Monday brought together business and union leaders, including AFSCME President Lee Saunders, for a virtual meeting to discuss an economic recovery agenda for the country.

Following the meeting, Biden warned of a “dark winter” ahead for the nation and highlighted consensus among the labor leaders and CEOs alike on the need to fund the front lines.

It was bad enough that the Trump administration failed miserably in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, ignoring the science and failing to come up with a national strategy.

It was pathetic and tragic when Republicans in Congress failed to summon the courage to support the everyday heroes who saved our communities by funding the front lines.

With so much at stake for working families in the 2020 election, AFSCME members across the country stood up to the challenge once again. Although the pandemic prevented us from putting thousands of boots on the ground as we normally do, AFSCME members still made a huge difference in key races across the country.

Our union's Executive Board passed a resolution denouncing racism, white supremacy, hate groups and all other forms of discrimination at its October 16th meeting. 

“AFSCME Council 28 represents 47,000 public employees in the state of Washington—including women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, people who have immigrated, LGBTQIA+ people, Jewish people, Muslim people, and others who are explicitly targeted by the toxic ideas and actions of white supremacists,” said WFSE Vice President Andrea Vaughn.

Members from WFSE Local 1060 and more than a dozen other private and public sector unions defeated a union-busting ordinance that was brought to the Whatcom County Council straight from the right-wing Freedom Foundation’s playbook.