University of Washington Bargaining Updates

✔️Contract Ratified!

Congratulations! Your UW 2023-2025 contract has been funded by the legislature.

Your fellow public workers serving on your bargaining team fought hard for this agreement, but it wouldn’t have been possible without WFSE members in every worksite standing up, getting involved and demanding a fair contract.

Strong worksites = strong contracts.

Contract Highlights

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The AFSCME/WFSE “University of Washington” classified staff tentative agreement for the 2023-2025 contract contains $69 Million dollars in compensation increases for Local 1495, 3488 and 53 and several major goals identified by the entire bargaining unit as priority items:

  • Cost of Living Increases (COLA)

Effective July 1, 2023, all job classifications will receive 4% wage increase (see Art. 45)

Effective July 1, 2024, all job classifications will receive 3% wage increase (see Art. 45)


  • Targeted Wage Increases to over 63% for WFSE Locals 1495, 3488 and 53 members:
  • Cardiac Monitor Techs - 18%
  • Clinical Lab Tech (HMC series) - 6%
  • Control Tech series - 10%
  • Dietary Unit Aide, Dietary Unit Clerk, and Dietetic Techs - 5%
  • Driver-Warehouse Worker - 10%
  • Electrician series - 10%
  • Electronics Tech series - 2.5%
  • Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialist - 10%
  • Fiscal Tech Series - 7.5%
  • Hospital Central Service Techs - 6%
  • Hospital Custodian and Hospital Custodian Lead - 10%
  • Hospital Custodian Supervisors - 7%
  • Hospital Security Officer – HMC - 5%
  • Licensed Practical Nurse - 11%
  • Maintenance Mechanic series - 5%
  • Mason/Plasterer series - 5%
  • Medical Assistant series - 5%
  • Mental Health Specialist series - 5%
  • Messenger Driver series - 10%
  • Motor Equipment Mechanic series - 10%
  • Orthopedic Tech series - 5%
  • Patient Care Techs - 5%
  • Plumber/Pipe/Steamfitter series - 10%
  • Power Plant Electrician series – 10%
  • Refrigeration Mechanic series - 10%
  • Roofer series - 5%
  • Stockroom Attendant series - 7.5%
  • Supply Chain Tech series - 7.5%
  • Surgical Technologists - 7%
  • Truck Driver series - 10%
  • Unit Supply Tech series - 7.5%
  • Utility Worker series - 10%
  • Waste Collector - 12.5%
  • Trades (NE S WFSE Trades) License 10% Premium (see MOU):
    • Electrician – EL-01 Electrical (State)
    • Electrician Lead – EL-01 Electrical (State)
    • Control Technician – FA-1 (Seattle)
    • Control Technician Lead – FA-1 (Seattle)
    • Plumber/Pipe/Steamfitter – PL-01 (State) or AS-3 (Seattle)
    • Plumber/Pipe/Steamfitter Lead – PL-01 (State) or AS-3 (Seattle)
    • Refrigeration Mechanic – EPA Universal (EPA)
    • Refrigeration Mechanic Lead – EPA Universal (EPA)
    • Facilities Operations Maintenance Spec.– All license listed above
  • Critical Recruitment and Retention for WFSE Locals 1495, 3488 and 53 members - Effective 9/1/22, the following job classifications will receive the following wage increases:
  • Hospital Security Officers, Medical Assistants, Patient Care Technicians – 5%
  • Hospital Central Services Technicians - 6% (10% for Trainees)
  • Surgical Technologists - 7%
  • Cardiac Monitor Technicians - 18%
  • $0.25/hr increase to certification pay
  • $6.00/hr standby for all jobs previously on tiered standby
  • $1.00/hr increase to standby premium for Skilled Trades jobs
  • $0.35/hr increase to Custodian Lead premium
  • 2% increase to Hospital Security Officer Field Training Officer premium
  • Premium Increases for WFSE Locals 1495, 3488 and 53 members:
  • One-time lump sum – During negotiations for the 2023-2025 successor agreement, the parties reached agreement on the following lump sum payments for employees in job profiles paid on the BI, BL, and BM pay tables:
    • Employees in an active position with a UW compensation plan, and with an FTE on July 15, 2023, are eligible for the lump sum as defined below:
    • $1000 for employees with .6 FTE and above 
    • $500 for employees with below .6 FTE 
    • The payment will be paid within ninety (90) days of July 15, 2023.
  • Much more economic and non-economic improvements for WFSE Locals 1495, 3488 and 53 members!

Find a full version of the contract with articles that will change here.

  • MOUs, Appendices II and III & Side Letter XX












MOU: LUMP SUM PAYMENT (updated 9/27 to $1000 for all employees above .6 FTE and $500 for all employees .6 FTE or less. Scheduled to arrive on paychecks within 90 days of 7/15.)



Appendix II - Differentials

Appendix III FSLA Overtime Exempt Job Classifications

New Article XX - Advance Certification/Registration Pay

Side Letter XX - HMC Hospital Security Officers Compensatory Time

  • Reduced Healthcare Premiums, Expanded FSA Benefits Through PEBB

Healthcare Tentative Agreement

2023-2025 Contract Bargaining Updates

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2023 - 2025 Bargaining Dates

  • UW: June 27, July 14 & 18, August 8, 16, 18 & 24, Sept. 7, 8, 14-16

2023-2025 Contract Bargaining Team

AFSCME Council 28/WFSE Treasurer & Local 1495 President Paula Lukaszek
Local 3488 President Brian Edwards
UW Campus-wide At-Large: Steve Kyrszko & Erik Hellen
UW Campus-wide Library: Jessica Moskowitz
UW Campus-wide Trades: Daniel Peltier & Ken Clark
UW Bothell: Ian Hull
UW Custodians: Neil Allen Vernon
UW HMC MA: Rachel Pryor
UW HMC At-Large: Tashia Hankerson, Alec Morrison
UWMC At-Large: Charles Howell

September 8, 2022

Yesterday we got an updated economic counterproposal from the University of Washington for our 2023-2025 contract: a 2% raise each year of the contract.

You are worth more than that!

All of us keep the UW/UWMC/HMC running. We are essential, and they need to start understanding that.

Take Action --> Let the UW know how a day without you would look.

Your bargaining team will continue pushing to ensure we can present you with a fully recommended contract to vote on.

Progress Made

We are happy to share that both parties, your bargaining team and the employer, signed a critical recruitment and retention measure that will result in pay increases for targeted job classes. We will share details on that soon.

Furthermore, we were able to reach a tentative agreement (TA) on the following contract articles:

  1. Preamble

  2. A1 – Union Recognition

  3. A17 – Vacations

  4. A24 – Unpaid Holidays

  5. A27 – Leave re: DV/Sexual Assault

  6. A30 – Work Related Injury

  7. A35 – Personnel Files

  8. A37 – EAP

  9. A43 – JLM

  10. A44 – Classification & Reclassification

  11. A49 – Privacy

  12. A50 – No Strike/Lock

  13. A51 – Board of Regents

  14. A53 – WA FML

  15. A54 – Agreement/Savings Clause

  16. A56 – Union Dues

  17. A57 – Management Rights

  18. A58 – Term of Agreement

  19. A59 – Drug Testing

  20. AXX – Salary Overpayment (needs an A#)

  21. MOU – Leave of absence

  22. MOU – Public Records

  23. MOU – Double Time Shifts

  24. Side letter A – Minimum Wage

  25. Side letter F – Discrimination and Bias

You will have the opportunity to review the contents of the entire contract before you vote on whether to accept it or not. For now, we cannot share further details as we are in the midst of bargaining.

Reminder: Only members will be able to vote on the contract. Not a member? Join us here.

What's Next?

Out next bargaining sessions with the employer are next week on 9/14, 9/15 and 9/16.

Stay tuned for updates and support your bargaining team any way you can. You can share bargaining updates with coworkers here:

In solidarity,

Your UW/UWMC/HMC Bargaining Team

  1. AFSCME Council 28/WFSE Treasurer & Local 1495 President Paula Lukaszek

  2. Local 3488 President Brian Edwards

  3. UW Campus-wide At-Large: Steve Kyrszko & Erik Hellen

  4. UW Campus-wide Library: Jessica Moskowitz

  5. UW Campus-wide Trades: Daniel Peltier & Ken Clark

  6. UW Bothell: Ian Hull UW

  7. Custodians: Neil Allen Vernon

  8. UW HMC MA: Rachel Pryor UW

  9. HMC At-Large: Tashia Hankerson, Alec Morrison

  10. UWMC At-Large: Charles Howell

August 30, 2022 Bargaining Update

Your bargaining team met with the UW Labor Relations on August 22 and August 24, to continue bargaining for a new contract.

The UW did present their initial across-the-board (ATB) wage increase proposal.

Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to cover the increase to your cost of living expenses and absolutely will not provide a better financial future for yourself and your families.

The UW’s initial ATB wage increase is disrespectful and severely discounts all of the hard work you and your co-workers contribute each and every day. 

You ensure the UW, their students, patients and communities can work and visit in a safe and well-cared for environment. You are the reason that the UW can continue to be one of the top universities in the state and the nation.

The parties were able to reach an agreement on the proposed Critical Retention & Recruitment MOU for some job classes within UW Medicine and the parties are in the process of signing this MOU. The UW anticipates these range increases should be paid to all of the affected job classes by the second paycheck in September 2022.

On August 24, the UW presented a proposal regarding Range increases for the Hospital Custodial staff (effective October 1, 2022). Your bargaining team is in the process of reviewing this proposal and will most likely respond by no later than September 16, 2022. The UW also made a proposal regarding some Market-Based adjustments (from the Milliman Survey) for several UW job classifications (effective July 1, 2023).  Your bargaining team is also in the process of reviewing this proposal and should respond on or before September 16, 2022.

Be advised, it is your bargaining teams intent to propose some Market-Based and/or Retention & Recruitment wage increases for other job classifications, including but not limited to trades.

The parties made a lot of progress on August 22 and August 24, as we were able to achieve and tentatively agree (TA) upon numerous non-economic related articles, some of which will result in better working conditions for you and your co-workers at the UW campus, UWMC and HMC.

The results from the Bargaining Priorities Survey WFSE sent to you are in. The following topics are those members identified as being priorities:

  1. COLA – Across-the-Board Wage increases
  2. Longevity Pay                                              
  3. Hazard Pay  

As a reminder, your bargaining team and the UW Labor Relations will be bargaining again on September 7 and September 8, with additional bargaining scheduled for September 14, September 15 and September 16. It is our desire to be able to provide and present you with a fully recommended contract for 2023 – 2025.


August 23, 2022 Bargaining Update

Your UW/UWMC/HMC Bargaining Team met with the UW again yesterday to negotiate our 2023-2025 union contract.

We are happy to share that we have reached tentative agreement on the following contract articles:

  • 17 - Employee Rights
  • 24 - Unpaid Holidays for a Reason of Faith or Conscience
  • 30 - Work Related Injury Leave
  • 53 - Washington Family Medical Leave Program

WFSE members will have the opportunity to vote on the agreement once negotiations are complete and we have a tentative agreement for the entire 2023-25 contract.

Not a member? Join us here.

Our intent is to respond to the university’s compensation proposals (for an across-the-board raise and for custodians) next week. Additionally, we will be pushing the university to include more job classifications for raises.

We will meet again with the UW on August 22 and 24.

Join us in Solidarity on Tuesday August 23!

July 13, 2022 Bargaining Update

Let’s show The University of Washington, UWMC and Harborview Medical Center we’re united!

Will you join us in your green WFSE / AFSCME t-shirts or any green t-shirt on July 15? WFSE will be hosting a worksite event at the UWMC - 1959 NE Pacific Street in Seattle. More details below.

Help us secure a strong contract for our future. These current contract negotiations will determine what the 2023-2025 biennium will look like for the University and Medical Center workers. We want your help to ensure every University and Medical Center employee is paid fairly and treated with respect.

It’s about attracting and retaining employees so we can provide the best possible services to university students, staff and the medical center patients. Strong worksites. Strong contracts.

Bargaining Dates

  • Your UW/UWMC/HMC bargaining team along with Labor Advocates Thomas Wray and Jennifer Thomas began bargaining with the UW on June 27. At this time, the parties each exchanged some of their initial non-economic proposals.
  • WFSE and the UW will be meeting for their second bargaining session on July 14 to respond to each other’s initial proposals from June 27 and to present additional non-economic proposals.
  • WFSE and the UW are scheduled to meet for their third bargaining session on July 18. At that time we are hoping to present our initial economic proposal to the UW.

How you can help us win a fair contract

  • Attend the UW Bargaining Rally on July 15 @ 11am: On July 15 at 11:00am, WFSE will be hosting a worksite event at the UWMC - 1959 NE Pacific Street in Seattle, at the Front Main entrance at the shuttle stop, and we encourage everyone to attend to show the UW our solidarity for one another and wear your green WFSE / AFSCME t-shirt or any green t-shirt.
  • Share a Picture & Quote to Support Your Bargaining Team: We keep the UW/UWMC/HMC running! Share why we deserve a strong contract here: Bonus points if you're wearing WFSE Green!  

Lets show the UW you deserve to be treated fairly, with respect and a better future for yourself, your families and your communities!

Stay tuned to for bargaining updates

Sep. 30, 2021 Ratification Notice

The WFSE UW Bargaining Team ratified two important tentative agreements (TAs) with the University of Washington.

UW employees went without a raise in 2021 and many employees faced incredibly difficult working conditions, from adjusting to telework to the risk and strain of frontline essential work. Our UW bargaining team, backed by the power of our members, fought hard for significant wage increases.

Once ratified, employees will begin seeing these increases in July 2022. Learn more here.

The tentative agreement reached on the UW vaccine mandate was based on the WFSE General Government agreement, recently ratified by General Government members. It will help guide employees through the vaccination mandate and/or medical or religious accommodation process. Learn more here.

Previous Cycle Final Bargaining Update-September 29, 2020

The University of Washington came back to the bargaining table and presented your bargaining team with an improved, modified last best and final offer on September 28th, 2020. Voting has closed.