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General Government members: 5/26/22 Update: WFSE members have voted overwhelmingly in support of additional increases for targeted job classifications. (96% voted yes!) Click here for more details.


The information below is for state agencies under the General Government contract.

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Thanks to engaged WFSE members and a robust union contract, we don’t have non-merit staff providing unemployment insurance or employment services within our state. We don’t contract out.

American Red Cross (ARC) workers, including many AFSCME members, are rallying this week in cities nationwide to fight back against mistreatment from their employer and demand a fair contract.

They collect, protect and deliver our nation’s blood supply, yet the almost 3,000 American Red Cross workers are not being paid what they deserve, lack the staff to do

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool for grounding and stress relief in today's world. Join us on May 4 for a free webinar with Kaiser Permanente on Cultivating Mindfulness.

Good news for federal student loan borrowers: This month, the Biden administration again 


Some of Washington’s super rich want to give themselves a huge tax cut, and make the rest of us pay. To give themselve a tax cut, they want to take $500 million a year from Washington's Education Legacy Trust Account, which pays for: 1)education, including safety and other repairs for Washington’s aging schools, 2)creating more preschools and childcares so parents can get back to work, and 3)helping hundreds of thousands of students who can’t take another setback.

Dealing with frustrating issues in the workplace, but don't know how to get your coworkers involved? A MAT can help you step into leadership and create strong relationships. You'll build solidarity—and your team will be ready to respond to urgent issues.