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The WFSE Shop Steward Program

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Questions About the Steward Program?

What are the new requirements for current Stewards to maintain their certification?

Every two years each Steward must complete the following to maintain their certification:

  1. Attend the 8-hour Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) training every 2 years 
  2. Complete at least 2 Continuing Steward Education classes (CSE’s) every 2 years such as: 
    Steward’s conference CSE’s
    Local or worksite SS training
    Online SS CSE’s

Any Steward that has not completed the above requirements by July 2019 will be removed from the Steward list.

What if I am currently a Steward but missed the 8-hour new CBA training?

Please contact your WFSE Council Rep to make sure they know you want to attend the next 8-hour CBA training. Given the new requirements, the 8-hour CBA trainings will now be offered several times a year in each area—not just in the fall right after a new CBA goes into effect.

Who can become a Steward and attend the new SIA training (Intro Steward Class)?

Stewards are the face of the union. Our new Steward Program requires Local President approval before a member can attend our new ‘Stewards in Action’ (SIA) Intro Steward Class.

What is different about the new SIA? Is this training just for new recruits?

Our updated ‘Stewards in Action’ training is now an 8-hour class followed by a mentorship period. The new SIA could also be good for current Stewards who are not active or want to brush up on their skills.

How can I find out about upcoming Steward Classes, CSE’s or SIA?

Contact your Council Rep about upcoming classes. We also plan to get all Steward Classes posted our WFSE website.