WFSE Branding and Communications

Below are WFSE resources for:

Swag and Design Resources

If you are designing t-shirts, buttons, signs, etc. for WFSE events, whether for your local or for a campaign, it is highly recommended that you incorporate AFSCME branding elements. 

Ideally, you will use all the elements in the bulleted list below.

If you are not going to include a logo (sometimes there isn't space) the bare minimum is to always include the AFSCME "Star and Swoosh" as it is synonymous with AFSCME. If using the White swoop, it should be on an AFSCME Green background.

Ordering an item that needs embroidery?

If producing swag with a WFSE logo that will require embroidery, use this version of the logo.

Need more info?

There is more info in our WFSE style guide, which can be tailored to your local. 

Local Guides: Create a Logo, Website and Social Media

At the end of each guide, you submit your answers to WFSE comms via a form, and we’ll help you create a logo, set up a website, and launch social media accounts.

They’re meant to be completed in order – Logo and Branding first, then Website Creation, then Social Media. What you do in the beginning lays the foundation and makes the rest easier. 

Want more info on these guides? Check out this presentation from the 2024 Leadership Summit.

Questions? Reach out to your Council Rep or [email protected].