WFSE Local 872

WFSE Local 872

Our Washington Federation of State Employees Local 872 union members work for the Washington Department of Ecology in the Lacey Ecology Building. We work together for fairness in our employment and value our voices to advocate for our own working conditions. We also value our contributions to our communities and the planet.

Our General Membership meetings are held online and in the Lacey Ecology building on the third Thursday of each calendar month. These meetings are essential to carrying out the work of our union. Please attend. They are brief, and we try to keep them interesting.

With an outpouring of support from parents, employees, legislators, city council members, students, unions and community, it is clear: We cannot back down till Everett Community College leadership completely scraps the plan to replace the ELC with a limited-service daycare.

Send a letter to EvCC President Daria Willis and the college's Board of Trustees—and make sure your neighbors, coworkers, and fellow parents join you.

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