Take Action

The Tacoma Art Museum Board of Trustees failed yet again to grant TAM Workers United recognition at their January Board meeting, and Board President Jeff Williams and other Board members have stated that they don’t believe we deserve one union together.

We won’t be stopped by their union busting and we won’t leave any of our coworkers behind.

When the Trustees meet again at TAM on Thursday, March 23, we call on our community supporters and union siblings to rally with us outside the front of the Museum. Together, we will demand loud and clear: recognition now!

This event will take place outside and we encourage attendees to wear masks as it may be a crowded environment. Free surgical masks will be available. Please stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to Covid.

Bathrooms inside the Museum will be free to use.

The workers at Tacoma Art Museum are trying to form a union with WFSE. While they have over 80% support among workers for unionizing, the museum leadership has refused to recognize their union. 

Click to write a letter to the TAM Board of Trustees.

WFSE members must come to Olympia to lobby during the 2023 Legislative Session to ensure funding for our contracts, which will benefit our communities, workplaces and families. 


There is no workforce in the state of Washington that has more at stake in decisions made by the Legislature than state employees like us. 

As individuals we are powerless against moneyed special interests and their agenda. But when we join together through PEOPLE, we have real power that can counter their attacks on our wages and benefits and further improve the lives of public service workers and working families.

Dealing with frustrating issues in the workplace, but don't know how to get your coworkers involved? A MAT can help you step into leadership and create strong relationships. You'll build solidarity—and your team will be ready to respond to urgent issues. 

When you sign a union membership card, you become a member of the largest union for state, higher education and public service employees in the state of Washington! We are 47,000+ strong and together we have a powerful voice to protect workers’ rights and our jobs, pay, benefits, working conditions and public services.