LNI Interpreters

Interpreters deserve professional pay, respect and fairness!

By organizing for power with Interpreters United (WFSE), L&I interpreters will have the opportunity to negotiate and advocate for improvements.

Hourly Minimum Per Appointment
Protection Against Claw Backs
Reimbursement for Late Cancellations/No-shows
A Voice in Our Profession
Much more!

Interpreters United (WFSE) won the representation election for Dept. of Labor & Industries (L&I) spoken language interpreters with 81.5% of valid ballots cast.

Interpreters United (WFSE) won the first L&I election with a whopping 81% of the vote!

Find everything you need to vote in the union election for L&I jobs.

To ensure we're ready to negotiate and vote on our contract as soon as we win the election, we need as many L&I interpreters as possible to sign on as official union members of Interpreters Uni

Great news, L&I interpreters: 625 interpreters have pledged to vote for us in the upcoming election.
L&I interpreters want a REAL union. 600+ of us have now stated that loud and clear. We need to have an election, not more delays.
If Juan Medina Bloise appeals his recent ULP loss or challenges the results of the election, we could have to wait until July 2025 for the security, respect and job improvements that come with a union contract.