To ensure we're ready to negotiate and vote on our contract as soon as we win the election, we need as many L&I interpreters as possible to sign on as official union members of Interpreters Uni

L&I interpreters want a REAL union. 600+ of us have now stated that loud and clear. We need to have an election, not more delays.

Interpreters United (WFSE) members lobbied elected officials, made phone calls, and testified in the Legislature. 

The result? 

House Bill 1153 bill was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support!

This bill will make it easier for parents with limited English proficiency help their children succeed in school as well as create more work opportunities for interpreters with no extra credentialling cost.

When we work together, we can accomplish anything!

Bill Signing Ceremony

Big win! DSHS testing to resume thanks to interpreters in our Union-Management Committee. Also, House Bill 1153 is on the move!

The Washington State Labor Council, which includes the Teamsters, SEIU, the American Federation of Teachers, and many more unions have officially endorsed our campaign to form a union of L&I interpreters.

Independence with Strength

By forming a union with Interpreters United (WFSE), L&I interpreters will have a union built by, run by and for L&I interpreters.

Do you want the state to help pay for your medical insurance? We have the chance to make that happen.
Short answer? Without a union, with our voices divided instead of unified, we can't pressure L&I to pay interpreters.

Our interpreter bargaining team scored a big win with the state in recent negotiations, winning a 2.5% increase in the hourly rate for DSHS-HCA appointments!

This increase will be effective July 1st, 2022.

During negotiations, we stood strong and countered two offers from the state, the first of which was for just a 0.56% pay increase.