Together for Healthcare

Do you want the state to help pay for your medical insurance?

By forming a union with us, L&I interpreters have the chance to make that happen. 

Our bargaining team—made up of interpreters taking DCYF, DSHS & HCA appointments—is planning on negotiating for a healthcare plan during the next bargaining cycle. Right now, L&I interpreters aren’t included because we don’t have a union.

We don’t want L&I interpreters to be left behind.

We want you by our side. That’s why we need to unionize—for healthcare, for reimbursements for late cancellations and no-shows, for an end to corruption at L&I, and so much more.

Are you happy with what you’re paying for healthcare?

Neither were we.

That's why, in 2019, we organized and pressured elected officials to create a law giving freelance interpreters the right to negotiate for state-funded health insurance.

In 2020, we negotiated a workgroup requiring the state to share information with us on what a plan might look like and brainstorm the path forward.

This is where we are now:

We’re gathering crucial information to prepare for contract negotiations, which is scheduled for next year. Next, we’ll send out a survey to determine how much interpreters are paying now for health insurance, and what a good plan might look like.

Why Not Join Us?

Together, we will have more leverage that can translate to a better plan that covers more of our costs. There’s still time to join us so we can collectively bargain for better healthcare.

When we say ‘join us,’ we don’t mean join and give up your independence. We mean join and have both independence and the strength to improve your lives.

Independence with Strength

By forming a union with Interpreters United (WFSE), L&I interpreters will have a union built by, run by and for L&I interpreters.

  • You will identify the issues you want to negotiate with L&I.
  • You will select a bargaining team made up of L&I interpreters.
  • You will negotiate your own contract with L&I and have the backing of 46,000+ fellow union members in Washington state behind you.

You can have independence and the power to improve your lives. It’s up to you to decide if you want it.