Pay Raise is on the Way!

Our interpreter bargaining team scored a big win with the state in recent negotiations, winning a 2.5% increase in the hourly rate for DSHS-HCA appointments!

This increase will be effective July 1st, 2022.

During negotiations, we stood strong and countered two offers from the state, the first of which was for just a 0.56% pay increase.

Great things happen when interpreters from all languages and backgrounds come together to work towards the same goal.

In fact, that's how Interpreters United (WFSE) was formed.

  • No freelance interpreters in the United States had the legal right to form unions to fight for better conditions until we came together and won that right.
  • No freelance interpreters received pay for appointments that didn't take place until we joined together and negotiated a contract that provides us with 75% reimbursement when a patient cancels at the last minute or doesn't show up.

Sign The VOTE YES Petition

If you take L&I appointments and have not signed our VOTE YES Petition to form a union with Interpreters United (WFSE), what are you waiting for?

Our mission is to make sure that all freelance interpreters in Washington and beyond have the protections, voice, and the power that come from a union contract.

Things only improve when we join together and make it happen.

Join us!

Already Signed our VOTE YES Petition? 

While we are waiting for an election date, there are still ways you can help us win a union.

Add a Picture to Your Petition so everyone can see that we are the union with the support of interpreters from all languages and backgrounds in Washington state. 

Share the VOTE YES Petition with your colleagues and tell them why you're voting for Interpreters United (WFSE).

Record a Short Video Clip telling fellow interpreters why we need a union, and why Interpreters United (WFSE) is the union that can get us where we want to go.

"Coming together with formidable union power and member unity, once again our Interpreters United (WFSE) has just gotten another decisive win, a pay increase for us all. Congratulations!"

Quân Trần
Interpreters United (WFSE) President
Bargaining Team Member 

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