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WFSE members from across the state attended our union's lobby training on January 8.

Check out the 2023-2035 WFSE bargaining teams. Next, teams will attend a training, review bargaining proposals and prepare to negotiate the best possible contracts for our jobs, families and communities

Solidarity Makes the Difference - WFSE President Mike Yestramski

Our union, WFSE, is closed out the year with plenty to celebrate. Once again, our unity gave us the strength to secure victories at our worksites and the state capitol, despite the global pandemic and attempts by anti-worker groups to strip away our rights and cut our pay. Although we have more work ahead, let's recognize what we accomplished together in 2021:

AFSCME mourns the loss of Mildred Wurf, a beloved member of our union family, a pioneering District Council 37 educator and the widow of former AFSCME president, Jerry Wurf. Mildred Wurf died on Dec. 29 at the age of 95.

Members won a verdict against a multi-billion-dollar company running a for-profit detention center that was paying detainees as little as $1/day to keep the facility running.

Many of our union siblings across Western Washington are facing historic flooding and other exteme weather disasters. 

Community, employees, and elected officials are uniting in support of the Early Learning Center (ELC), a beloved community program based at the Everett Community College (EvCC) whose funding is at risk.

Write a letter in support of the Early Learning Center today.

Find out if you qualify!

The U.S. Department of Education announced signficant expansions to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Thanks to a waiver in effect till October 31, 2022, hundreds of thousands of public service workers may immediately qualify for forgiveness or may be much closer to it. 

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