DOC Raises, Grievance Wins and a Call to Action

WFSE members have been hard at work making DOC a safer and better place to work.

WFSE DOC employees keep communities safe. They deserve respect, fair pay, and safe working conditions. From shop stewards who educate, support, and advocate for their fellow members to activated members getting petitions signed, DOC members are making concrete positive change.

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July 2024 DOC Raises

Thousands of WFSE members fought for two general wage increases in our 2023-2025 union contract as well as numerous job-class specific raises for DOC members.

Click here to view a list of DOC raises by job class.

2025-27 Contract Update and Call to Action

The DOC Supplemental bargaining team met Wednesday July 3rd for the 5th time with management and the Office of Financial Management (OFM). Every step of the process has been difficult. It has become clear OFM has no interest in problem solving issues plaguing the rank and file.

There is more to come, but we ask that DOC members support our team by taking the action below.

Take Action to Support a Strong DOC Contract!

Write an email to DOC HR Director Waldo with the content below:

"Director Waldo,

Please respond to the following as soon as possible:

  1. What is DOC HR doing to fix inequities in compensation? 
  2. Why is DOC HR prioritizing DOC HR workload over fair and accurate position descriptions? 
  3. Why should we as employees maintain interest in a progressive supervision model if we aren't compensated for the additional and more complex work? 
  4. DOC HR has heard our concerns; what is DOC HR doing to address them? 
  5. Please explain the role of the DOC HR Director in relation to supporting incarceration and supervision within the Department of Corrections. What is DOC HR doing to correct our concerns related to classification, compensation, and workload? 

Timely answers are critical."

You can send the email to: [email protected]

DOC Workplace Wins

Three union grievances, hundreds of letters, and a statewide petition resulted in $2k cash payment for all employees in 2023 and a retention bonus of 3% in 2025 for those deemed “essential” by DOC. Learn more here.

In a negotiated agreement, Firearms Instructors who had been denied back specialty pay for the time they spent conducting trainings will now receive it.

CS3s and CS4s had been left out of the January 1, 2024 range increase. Thanks to our union’s advocacy, Labor Relations and OFM agreed to a correction and back payment.

One DOC member was denied specialty pay when, despite the fact that they were available for this bargaining unit work, their supervisors instead conducted Defensive Tactics Training in their stead. Thanks to our union’s advocacy, an arbitration settlement has established that they will receive 16 hours of premium pay.

Members who were denied per diem won their grievance and will be compensated for the per diem they are rightfully owed.

We are dedicated to our members’ right to the grievance process. Our union is a tool in righting workplace wrongs and gaining a voice where we might not otherwise be heard. As DOC has been limiting the information requests that play a vital role in the grievance process, we have filed an unfair labor practice.

Stay tuned for more union wins from this dedicated and engaged group. Not yet a member? Join here!