Bargaining Info

2023-2025 Bargaining team elections close at 8 p.m., monday, january 17, 2022.

Bargaining team elections are currently under way. Check your email for your PIN and more details. Cast your ballot at Questions? Contact our Member Connection Center at 833-MCC-WFSE or [email protected] for assistance.

2023-2025 Bargaining team nominations are due by Nov. 28, 2021.

Read more about bargaining teams here in English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Tigrinya, and Vietnamese. Nomination forms were sent to personal emails on file with WFSE. If you have not received nomination form, update your information here and contact the Member Connection Center at 833-MCC-WFSE or email [email protected].

What is bargaining?

Who will represent you at the table with your employer? It’s time to decide.

The power of our union is in solidarity: the strength and influence we have when we join forces as WFSE members to protect our jobs, families and communities. That’s what bargaining is all about.

It’s the power of our joined forces at the table with our employers, advocating for the rights and livelihoods we all depend on as public service workers.

We are preparing now to negotiate with employers to make crucial changes and updates to our 2023-2025 collective bargaining agreement. 

What’s at stake?

  • How much money will go in our pockets?
  • How much will we pay for health insurance?
  • How many days will we get off?
  • And more. 

Our union contract is a living document. For it to be powerful and beneficial, we need strong bargaining team members to meet with employers during this process.

These folks are your bargaining team—and it’s time to nominate them.

Being on the bargaining team is a big commitment. We have fought hard for these seats at the table, and they matter. We need you to nominate the coworkers and union siblings who you trust for this important process. This is your chance to decide who will be on your team. Continue reading

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