South Puget Sound Community College (Exempt)

2023-25 Contract Ratified!

Congratulations on ratifying your SPSCC Exempt Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2023-25!  Your new CBA goes into effect on July 1, 2023, which is also when you can expect to see the implementation of the following:

  1. 4% COLA (and another 3% COLA on July 1, 2024)

  2. Retention/Progression Increases

  3. Strengthened language around discrimination

  4. Added Juneteenth as a holiday (June 19th)

  5. Added telework options

  6. Increased options other than leave in Suspended Operations

  7. Stronger language regarding Reasonable Accommodations & Disability Separations

Congratulations again on your win.

Review the contract here.

We Have a Tentative Agreement for a 2023-2025 Contract!

Voting will be open 05/17/2023 to 5/22/2023! Scroll down for voting instructions.

Your SPSCC Bargaining Team recommends that members vote to accept the tentative agreement.

Some highlights in compensation are maintaining the Leg-approved COLA of 4% July 1st 2023 and 3% July 1st 2024.  We also maintained the year-end award-Five of operating budget close and added a Retention/Progression Increase which is retroactive as of July 1st.  For example, those with 3 years will receive $1250 added to your base pay; those with 5 years will receive $1250 (plus the 3 year $1250 for a total of $2500 to base pay) those with 8 years will receive $1250 (plus the 3 and 5 year increase for a total of $3750).  Because this is for the life of the contract you could reach another progression date and receive an additional $1250 i.e. a 4 year employee reaches their 5 year anniversary in late 2024.

We also strengthened language surrounding discrimination, added Juneteenth, added an additional personal leave day.  We increased options other than leave in Suspended Operations as well as added telework to the Commute Trip Reduction & Parking Article.  We added stronger language regarding Reasonable Accommodations and Disability Separations to ensure responses in a timely manner and in writing.

Your bargaining team recommends a yes vote and please see attached for more detailed information.

How to Vote:

Visit and cast your ballot by the end of the day on Sunday, May 22. Voting opens at 8 am on Wednesday, May 17.

You will receive your voting PIN via personal email.


Tentative 2023-25 CBA
2023-25 CBA Changes

In solidarity,

WFSE SPSCC Exempt Bargaining Team
Joe Aguilar
Neha Guarente
Ron Heley
Becky Stephens
Jennifer Thomas


Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)