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Engaging Coworkers to Take Action (AFSCME Strong)
We build our union through relationships and one on one conversations. Enhance your skills in talking with co-workers about our union, the value of membership and ways to get involved.

Identifying and Developing Leaders (AFSCME Strong)
Great leaders develop leadership in others. Learn proven strategies to identify and develop a network of leaders to build workplace solidarity and amplify member voices in our union.
Identifying Leaders Handout

Solving Workplace Issues with Action (AFSCME Strong)
We have power to make change when we act together. Learn how to identify organizing issues and make a plan to win improvements at work through collective action.
Campaign Planning Template
Issue to Campaign Handout

New Employee Outreach: Welcoming Your New Coworkers to WFSE (AFSCME Strong)
Come and learn the importance of welcoming your new coworkers into our WFSE family. You'll get more comfortable with sharing your union story, answering questions and talking to your new coworkers about the power in belonging to our union. We are stronger together!
Bumps Along the Road

Informal Resolution (Steward)
Informal Resolution can resolve member issues at the lowest possible level. Come practice this essential step in grievance handling. Informal Resolution is a core competency for Stewards.
Informal Resolution Scenarios
Informal Resolution Handout

Dealing with Discipline (Steward)
Learn the basics for representing members in discipline cases. We will cover the discipline process, key legal rights including just cause, and how to build a case to win.
Know Your Rights Discipline Handout

A Well Written Grievance (Steward)
A well-written grievance is fundamental to winning a case. We will review keys to a well-written grievance and practice grievance writing with peer feedback. Grievance Writing is a core competency for Stewards.
A Well Written Grievance — Slides
Grievance Writing Exercise

Know Your Rights: Sick and Family Leave (Steward)
We all deserve time off to care for ourselves and loved ones. Come learn about state and federal protections and rights to use sick leave and family leave for you and your members. Whether you are navigating questions for yourself or to support others, this training will provide basics, best practices, and key resources.
WFSE Know Your Rights Terms & Resources
Know Your Rights Discipline Handout
COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits

Leading in Crisis
As union leaders, many of your members turn to you when a crisis strikes.  Come to this session for strategies to navigate and lead in the face of new challenges. In this session we will identify what leadership looks like in times of crisis, observe the impact that emergency situations have on leaders, and build leadership within yourself and others.

Implicit Bias (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
How does our unconscious bias affect our interactions with union siblings and coworkers? We will explore where implicit bias originates from and how we recognize it. In addition we will learn the skills needed to interrupt it. This workshop is presented as part of the Washington State Labor Council’s Race and Labor program and the WFSE continuing steward education program.
Race to Labor
Race and Labor — WSLC page

Self-Care AS Community-Care (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
This workshop, part of the Washington State Labor Council's education program, is facilitated by Yvette Murrell & Cindy Breunig. Activate shared belonging through this engaging session moving from "I to We" with care practices.  Receive a host of practical, self-reflective embodied tools for weaving collective wellbeing. Practice naming grief, witnessing truth, and taking meaningful steps toward mutual healing and transformation. A portion of this workshop will be facilitated in race based caucuses for healing.
Dreaming Accountability

Powerful Stories (Communications)
Think back.
What made you start to see working together as a powerful tool for creating change?
Could you tell a story about that?
In this workshop, we’ll use simple tools to practice telling our own personal “power of our union” stories about the value we offer as public employees and why we do collective action. Bring a pen and paper or other note-taking tools for brainstorming and outlining your story.
Story Outlining Worksheet

Organizing with Social Media (Communications)
Learn how social media can help build worker power from your local to your workplace. Subjects will include different platforms and how to use them, what works and what doesn’t, and how to engage with social media responsibly.

Organizing with Social Media Workshop

Legislative and Political Action for Power (Legislative and Political Action)
No workforce has more at stake in decisions made by elected officials than public employees. Legislators fund our COLAs, health benefits, step increases, and write collective bargaining laws. They control budgets that determine your workload and staffing levels, and we as a union can determine who makes those decisions.

This workshop will focus on the importance of you and your local’s participation in the legislative and political process. Every election, at every level is important, and with nearly 47,000 members statewide, we can be the difference between a pro-labor legislature, city or county council, and school board.

As individuals, we are powerless, but as a union, we have a voice. Sign up for this workshop, and learn how we advocate for a just and pro-labor Washington.

From the WFSE Executive Committee:

As proud officers of this strong union, we are excited for your participation in the 2021 Rise Up Conference on Saturday, June 5 & Sunday, June 6.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to receive valuable education in areas critical to your success as a member leader.

Shop stewards and member organizers are the face of our union in the workplace.

As you represent and organize bargaining unit employees, you are trusted to communicate accurate information, provide important follow-up, ensure rights are known, exercised, and upheld, and do so in a professional manner consistent with the expectations of member leaders within our Union. These are big responsibilities, and we thank you for taking them seriously.

Members of Council 28’s Steward and Organizing Committees developed this educational conference with these responsibilities in mind.

They have listened to and considered feedback from shop stewards and member organizers around the state and developed workshops and other materials designed to meet your needs.

Please join us for this virtual educational conference and brush up on your existing skills, add to your growing toolkit, and connect virtually with other WFSE member leaders.

If 2020 taught us anything it is that now more than ever we need informed shop stewards and active member organizers in every agency:

  • To protect our rights
  • Fight for on-the-job safety, and
  • Promote the values of service, social justice, and the dignity of each member

We are here to support you in this important work of improving the lives of workers throughout Washington state and invite you to complete your registration NOW so our conference organizers can plan for your attendance, keep you updated with information, and details regarding this conference.