Mike Yestramski


Mike Yestramski was first elected as WFSE President in 2019 at the 48th Biennial Convention and was reelected in 2021 at the 49th Biennial Convention. He is a leader in the fight for fair wages and safe workplaces for all Washington state employees, and through multiple roles, he has demonstrated his commitment to empowering working people in the labor movement.

Mike Yestramski started his public service career as a homeless outreach social worker in Baltimore, Maryland. He later became a forensic social worker at Spring Grove Hospital in nearby Cantonsville, where he joined AFSCME Local 266, Council 3.  Yestramski moved to the state of Washington in 2013, and joined AFSCME Local 793, Council 28, while working as a psychiatric social worker at Western State Hospital.

Yestramski has been the Local 793 lead shop steward, the Legislative and Political Action Committee chair, the Progressive Caucus chair, an Organizing Committee member, and a Council 28 Executive Board member. Yestramksi also served as a volunteer member organizer in Washington and in Nevada, where he helped state employees in their campaign to gain collective bargaining rights.

In 2018, he addressed the 43rd AFSCME International Convention on the topic of organizing and building a strong union in a right-to-work environment.

When not fighting for the rights of working people, Yestramski enjoys training in Brazilian Jiujitsu, weightlifting, and hiking.

Per the collective bargaining agreement, Yestramski will continue in paid status at Western State Hospital while fulfilling his full-time role as council president.