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Like many DCYF workers in Washington, Taylor Andrews-Garcelon loves her clients but has felt her job get more stressful and dangerous in the last few years. 

Big decisions about our working conditions and livelihoods were made in Olympia during the 2024 legislative session. Through our union, we had a seat at the table and came away with major improvements for public employees.

Interpreter services bill saves money, members tell Senate budget committee

The AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE)’s priority bill to expand the successful interpreter services program came before the Senate Ways and Means Committee Thursday night (Feb. 1) where WFSE/AFSCME Interpreters United Local 1671 President Leroy Mould said the 7-year-old program won for medical interpreters has streamlined scheduling and services and been cost-effective.

“These savings are the consequence of using our web-based scheduling system,” Local 1671 Secretary Milena Waldron added.

Social worker loan repayment bill needed to address “epidemic” turnover

AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE) priority bill to help Children’s Administration social workers repay their college debt is an innovative way to address the recruitment and retention crisis there.

That’s what the bill’s sponsor and Federation members told the Senate Ways and Means Committee Thursday night (Feb. 1) on SSB 6259.

Don’t think standing together as a union for affordable health care matters, consider this....

From the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC, to the Freedom Foundation in this state, powerful special interests want to take away our ability to negotiate better wages and benefits to sustain our families and provide quality public services.

The aim of these “right-to-work” and other attacks is to cripple this movement and undo the progress we’ve made.

State employee privacy again boosted by Senate committee

The legislative tug-of-war over your dates of birth isn’t over yet. But the Senate State Government Committee this morning (Jan. 31) considered a compromise bill that like another bill would keep state employee dates of birth out of the hands of the Freedom Foundation and others.

The proposed Substitute Senate Bill 5418 would also keep state employee passport and visa numbers private as well.

Affordable housing effort moves to Senate

Our priority effort on affordable housing moved to the Senate Tuesday (Jan. 30).

Alex Bacon, a Seattle Central College member and president of Seattle Local 304, said all SB 6400 does would be to allow local governments to consider rent controls as one tool to cap housing costs that are pricing many state employees out of their communities.