An engaged membership is an empowered membership. Check back often for updates. Together, we can win strong 2025-2027 contracts for public workers.

Like many DCYF workers in Washington, Taylor Andrews-Garcelon loves her clients but has felt her job get more stressful and dangerous in the last few years. 

Big decisions about our working conditions and livelihoods were made in Olympia during the 2024 legislative session. Through our union, we had a seat at the table and came away with major improvements for public employees.

At Save UW Laundry Rally on UW Campus. “It’s really sad they’re trying to close down this laundry.”—Patricia Thomas

TELL UW Medicine to do the right thing and keep the UW Laundry. Please share on FB one or more of these photos today to show solidarity with the laundry workers.


New report:

“The highest-paid state employees, year in and year out, work for state universities, and the biggest paychecks go to football and basketball coaches.” — 3/20/18…/Washington-s-25-highest-paid-st…

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We need your help to identify where innovative scheduling and work options should be created and where they are happening to benefit our members. We all want the best working conditions, family work balance, and efficient workplaces. It creates better service to our communities.  This is one way to increase retention of our members doing critical services & recruit qualified staff.

Union Membership Equals major settlements for members in four agencies

Members in four agencies – Enterprise Services, Employment Security, Ecology and DSHS (Western State Hospital) -- have won settlements validating their work totaling nearly $60,000. All four came on unfair labor practice (ULP) complaints filed by the Federation.

One of the best legislative sessions in years thanks to WFSE/AFSCME members’ committed actions

The 2018 legislative session ended March 8 with a supplemental budget that cares about the people of the state and the quality services we provide.

Sen. Bernie Sanders interviews AFSCME's Lee Saunder on "JANUS: The Case That Could Destroy Unions, Part I" Compelling. Scary.