An engaged membership is an empowered membership. Check back often for updates. Together, we can win strong 2025-2027 contracts for public workers.

Like many DCYF workers in Washington, Taylor Andrews-Garcelon loves her clients but has felt her job get more stressful and dangerous in the last few years. 

Big decisions about our working conditions and livelihoods were made in Olympia during the 2024 legislative session. Through our union, we had a seat at the table and came away with major improvements for public employees.

Stewards are the face of our union, the trusted workplace leaders we go to for information, support and ways to get involved.

We currently have over 950 stewards in AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE), but are always actively recruiting and training new stewards to build our workplace power and ensure all members have union leadership and representation in their workplace.

Thanks to the hard work of our Steward Committee, we are launching a new steward program that includes new classes and a mentor program for stewards-in-training.

Employees of the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) said #UNION YES! for a voice and respect at work by joining WFSE.  

Thurston TCD employees are the first conservation district in Washington State (and perhaps the nation) to organize, and they will begin negotiating their own contract soon.
When he first took a job at the Centralia Correctional Center in Illinois, Keith Kracht knew that a career in public service wouldn’t make him a millionaire. But then again, that’s not why he went into public service.

The Department of Education has announced an opportunity for federal student loan borrowers who enrolled in the wrong IBR payment plan to be reconsidered for PSLF.  It has established guidelines for the $350 million given for this purpose in the appropriations bill. This money is available on a first come first serve basis. See press release below for additional information.

May 23, 2018
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The latest and long fight over parking at Washington State University in Pullman ended Wednesday (May 23) with a settlement bringing $7,500 for the Local 1066 membership and parking cost concessions from the administration.

Local 53 member Henry Gill’s heroic actions save state trooper’s life

Officer Henry Gill, Local 53:

“I stopped because I wanted to make sure that trooper got home that night.”