WFSE Convention Passes Resolution in Support of Kaiser Permanente Union Workers

In October of 2021, WFSE passed a resolution declaring our support of the 52,000 health care union members from 21 different locals employed with Kaiser Permanente who are currently in contract negotiations.

Read the full resolution here.

The Alliance Unions of Kaiser Permanente have shown that partnerships between labor, physicians, and management lead to better outcomes for patients, workers, and communities.

We, nearly 47,000 Washington public employees, are in solidarity with Kaiser Permanente workers as they negotiate for the wages, benefits, and standards that will allow KP to continue providing the quality healthcare our communities so desperately need.

We pledge to bring public attention to issues raised by KP workers and their unions during these negotiations.

Read our union's full letter to KP here.

The tens of thousands of KP healthcare workers who have saved countless lives must be recognized with a contract that ensures their dignity, security, and decision-making capacity.