Juvenile rehab investments needed

Juvenile rehab investments needed if institutions keep older residents

It might increase success to keep young offenders in state juvenile rehabilitation facilities until their age 25 ½ , but success needs investment in those institutions.

That’s what AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE) Lobbyist Matt Zuvich told the House Early Learning and Human Service Committee Tuesday (Jan. 30) on HB 2907.

HB 2907 would allow those convicted in juvenile court for serious violent offenses to stay at Green Hill School, Naselle Youth Camp and Echo Glen Children’s Center until age 25 ½. Research shows that increases rehabilitation and reduces recidivism.

“This policy has a good chance to work but you’ve got some investments that you’ve got to make in juvenile rehabilitation to implement it,” Zuvich told the committee, noting he worked in juvenile rehab for many years.

“One thing I learned there is to make good decisions and policy, you have to go slow to go fast,” Zuvich said.

HB 2907 is similar but not identical to SB 6160.