Grow with Our Union, #GrowWithWFSE!

WFSE members with a correct home address on file are receiving postcards celebrating our new union contracts that went into effect on July 1, 2023. 

Not a WFSE member? Join us here to grow with our union! 

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These aren't just any old postcards.

They are filled with wildflower seeds. You can stick the whole postcard right in the ground. Add a little solidarity (and water) and they will bloom! 

Not a WFSE member? Join us here to grow with our union! 

What's in My Seed Paper?

The seeds in your seed paper are a native wildflower blend from Botanical PaperWorks

WFSE procured these postcards from Grays Harbor Stamp Works, a third-generation family-owned and operated business in Aberdeen whose workers are members of Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO.

These seeds grow in harmony with various environments to ensure no disruptions to established biodiversity. None of the wildflowers in Botanical PaperWorks are considered invasive in North America and they will not have negative impacts on the environment.

For more information on these seeds see the Wildflower Seed Paper Blend here

Planting Instructions 

  1. Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed.
  2. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and give it a good drink of water.
  3. Make sure it’s always moist and in a sunny spot.
  4. Wait for sprouts — you should see them within 7-10 days!

Where to plant?

Given that we are in the dry period of the summer, you may opt to plant this seed paper in a pot in your home or office or to wait to plan them until early spring 2024. Here's instructions for planting in a pot.

Wait! Show us where you planted your seeds!

We want to see our solidarity BLOOM! Send us a picture/video of you planting your seeds here, and send us updates and they begin to sprout and bloom.

You can also post them directly on social media and tag us with the #GrowWithWFSE hashtag.

Find Your New Union Contract

Find your contract information in our Bargaining Updates page here.

Didn't Receive a Seed Postcard?

Seed postcards should be arriving on your doorstep between July 26 and August 9. If you didn't get yours, we likely do not have your current mailing address on file. 

Our Field Offices across the state will have a supply of these seed postcards soon and you will begin seeing them at worksite events.

Check events near you here, or contact your local Field Office to get your hands on one.

Get Involved in Our Next Union Contract!

Our 2023-2025 union contracts just went into effect, but it's already time to start working on our next contract. 

Submit a Contract Proposal before 12/31/23

Do you have an idea for how our contract can be improved? Submit a contract proposal here! Note that contract proposals can only be made by WFSE members. If you are not a member, join here. 

Join Your Bargaining Team

WFSE members negotiate our contracts. Stay tuned for bargaining team nominations forms which will go out this fall. You can nominate yourself or your coworkers to serve on the bargaining team.

Once nominations are finalized, WFSE members will elect their bargaining teams.