Bargaining Team Elections for 2025-2027 Contracts

Who will represent you at the bargaining table with your employer to negotiate your 2025-2027 contract? It’s time to decide.

Get involved! Nominate and vote.

Bargaining Team Elections Timeline and Links:

  • October 13 - November 13 | Nominations Window Open | Nominations Closed
  • November 14 - 21 | Window to decline nomination or submit an election bio

  • December 4 - December 11 | Elections Open | Vote at 

You will receive your PIN to vote at your personal email when elections open. If you do not receive it, reach out to the MCC at [email protected] / 833-622-9373

  • Bargaining teams notified: December 12

Check back on this page for the nomination forms beginning October 13 , updates, and details to ensure your voice is heard. 

Who negotiates our contracts? You do.

WFSE members negotiate our contracts alongside a negotiations expert from WFSE staff. When the nominations window opens, you can nominate yourself or a coworkers from your bargaining unit. 

This is an important decision. The members representing us at the bargaining table have serious responsibilities that affect the lives of thousands of WFSE members, including:

  • Developing the initial bargaining proposal to be presented to the employer
  • Negotiating with the employer
  • Approving final contract language and making recommendations to union siblings on whether they believe the proposed agreements should be approved or rejected

Bargaining teams have the power to alter, modify, change, or concede on all issues to obtain the best possible contracts and reach a tentative agreement, or declare that the team has reached an impasse. They are truly your representatives at the table.

Who can serve on a bargaining team?

Negotiating the contract that spells out our wages, benefits, and rights is a critical part of being a union member. For this reason, you must be a full WFSE member to participate.

Not a full WFSE member? Join now so you can nominate your team and fully participate in the process.

What’s at stake?

Our contracts determine our rights at work and our financial futures. Bargaining team members will determine the compensation package, time off, and changes to our working conditions that we present to our membership for a vote.

Do I need experience to serve on a bargaining team?

No experience in negotiations is required. You are the expert in your work. 

However, to win a strong contract, our members need dedicated bargaining team members who are ready to commit their time, effort, and experience to winning the best possible contract. 

What is the time commitment?

Bargaining team members spend a lot of time over many months, sometimes late into the evening, negotiating, researching, communicating, and mobilizing union power.

Bargaining team members:

  • Are responsible for communicating with members about this critical process, including report-outs at worksites
  • Must be willing to share their contact information with the members they are representing at the table
  • Must work with WFSE staff to schedule meetings during this process
  • Must abide by all rules of conduct established by their respective teams

Team members may be required to travel as necessary. When travel is required, WFSE will assist with making travel arrangements and will pay for travel expenses in accordance with the WFSE's member expense policy.

Bargaining team members may also be authorized time loss in accordance with WFSE policy to aid them in fulfilling these responsibilities.