2025-2027 Contract Negotiations

An engaged membership is an empowered membership. Check back often for updates. Together, we can win strong 2025-2027 contracts for public workers.

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Download the Contract Campaign Toolkit

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Our theme for this year's contract campaign is United for Washington. There's a lot of pain and frustration in communities across our state. Many of the problems facing working families feel too big to tackle. Those are the problems that we solve as public servants. 

As our bargaining teams negotiate at the table, we need our members to communicate to the public and our employers the value of the work we do and how we help each and every Washingtonian. 

That's how we win public support and put pressure on management to give us the pay and the tools we need to do our jobs. 

Learn About the Negotiations Process

Bargaining Teams Elected and Trained

After a weeklong vote in December and several run-off elections the first week of January, WFSE members selected the coworkers they want negotiating our 2025-2027 union contracts. Find your bargaining team here.

All WFSE members that negotiate our contracts undergo training to learn what wins at the bargaining table. Trainings are occuring between February and April. See pictures here.

Review Contract Proposals and Send Out Bargaining Survey

Throughout April, bargaining teams have been reviewing and vetting contract proposals that have been submitted by members over the previous year. Watch the video above to learn what "vetting" your proposals means. 

After our bargaining teams review all the contract proposals from the membership, they will put together a bargaining survey containing the most requested contract priorities. Members will then be able to rank those priorities from most important to least important.

The survey helps our bargaining teams focus on what matters most to our members and develop campaigns as necessary to put pressure on management. 

Contract Negotiations

With the information from the Bargaining Survey in hand, your bargaining team can begin crafting their initial proposal to the employer. The employer will develop their initial proposal, and negotiations will begin throughout April and May and continue through the summer until we have a tentative agreement that our members can vote on.

Once bargaining kicks off, you can find all updates for your contract posted here.

As Mike and Ashley explain in the video above, we cannot share precise details of what's occurring at the bargaining table until we've reached a tentative agreement that our members can vote on.

Who negotiates our contracts? Members do.

WFSE members negotiate our contracts alongside a negotiations expert from WFSE staff. 

The members representing us at the bargaining table have serious responsibilities that affect the lives of thousands of WFSE members, including:

  • Developing the initial bargaining proposal to be presented to the employer
  • Negotiating with the employer
  • Approving final contract language and making recommendations to union siblings on whether they believe the proposed agreements should be approved or rejected

Bargaining teams have the power to alter, modify, change, or concede on all issues to obtain the best possible contracts and reach a tentative agreement, or declare that the team has reached an impasse. They are truly your representatives at the table.

Meet Your Bargaining Team Here