UW Police Management Bargaining Updates

2023-2025 Contract Bargaining Updates

Your University of Washington Police Management contract has been ratified!  The highlights of what we bargained include:

  • Management agreed to repair or replace damaged uniforms & equipment
  • Compensation for personal items damaged in the performance of your duties was increased to $200 an occurrence
  • Mitigated legislative changes requiring retention of personnel records by utilizing the internal affairs file to retain sexual misconduct, suspension, reduction in salary, and involuntary demotions
  • Added Juneteenth as a Holiday
  • Added straight time for recharge if cancelled within 72 hours
  • Defended against compensatory time takeaways
  • Increased minimum rest time from 8 hours to 10 hours, unless mutually agreed upon or emergent need is declared by the Chief of Police
  • Maintained 16.5% supervisory premium
  • Place holder for COLA or Classification Specific adjustments resulting from Teamsters arbitration
  • Increased Longevity Pay (adjustment to base compensation)
    •      -  3 years       1%
    •      -  5 years       3%
    •      -  10 years      5%
    •      -  15 years      6%
    •      -  20 years     8%
    •      -  25 years     10%
  • Increased fitness incentive to $300.00
  • Increased educational incentive:
    •      -  Bachelor's Degree    $1000
    •      -  Advanced Degree     $1200
  • Detectives assigned to the Investigators Bureau will receive an additional 4% of base for all hours worked
  • Sergeants and Lieutenants assigned to Bike Patrol shall receive an additional 3% of base while performing Bike Patrol duties
  • Certified armorers shall receive a 4% increase to base compensation while performing maintenance and inventory
  • Place holder for medical with the Healthcare Coalition Bargaining Table
  • 60 Days following ratification members may agree to a $2000.00 retention payment if they commit to two-years of service to the University of Washington Police Department.

Your bargaining team consisted of:

Chris Jaross, Lt. University of Washington Police Department
Anthony Steward, Detective, University of Washington Police Department
Ton Johnson, WFSE Law Enforcement Labor Advocate / Chief Negotiator
Brandon Crawford, WFSE Labor Advocate / Legal Counsel

Congratulations on a great contract!