Appeals Court blocks Freedom Foundation

BULLETIN! Appeals court blocks Freedom Foundation’s attempt to violate your privacy

The Washington Court of Appeals today upheld Federation members’ right to privacy and upheld the union’s appeal against the Freedom Foundation.

In a unanimous decision, the court blocked the Freedom Foundation’s attempt to get your dates of birth – which in this day and age opens the door to all kinds of privacy, safety and security breaches.

The court said the Federation and other unions proved that the state constitution’s right to privacy provision“protects state employees’ full names associated with the corresponding birthdates from public disclosure.”

The court ruled:

“We hold that state employees have a constitutionally protected expectation of privacy in their full names associated with their corresponding birthdates. Because the employees have a constitutionally protected expectation of privacy, and the unions have satisfied the requirements for an order granting permanent PRA injunctions, the trial court erred by denying the unions’ motions for permanent injunctions. Accordingly, we reverse and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”

The court said the dates of birth “of individually identified state employees are not in the public interest because the do not inform the public of facts related to a government function.”

The case will go back to superior court. But today’s appeals court ruling is the latest of the Federation’s string of court victories against attempts by groups like the Freedom Foundation from invading your privacy.