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There's a lot going on for WFSE Department of Correction Members:

  • An arbitration award resulting in significant raises for our 2023-25 contract
  • Workload concerns
  • Important legislation
  • Union organizing in WMS
  • And much more

Find everything you need here in the Corrections Corner.

Not a WFSE member? Join us in speaking up for our jobs, families and communities here.

Workload Job Action

Despite our collective efforts to manage workload and the implementation of mitigation strategies, we are experiencing another surge in workload. The fact remains: the requirements of the work exceed the resources allocated to be successful in completing the requirements set forth in policy. Exacerbating that is the complexity of jurisdictions, the lack of violator confinement, and frustration related to the employee classification system which simply is unfair.

Our union, the Washington Federation of State Employees, and the DOC Administration worked collaboratively with the Legislature to achieve funding for a long overdue workload study. This will be the first time since 2004 we will true-up the staffing model with resource allocation. Unfortunately, that relief will not come soon enough.

That’s why we are taking action, as a union.

What can you do?

1)     Review this letter regarding workload, and if it is accurate and reflective of your current work situation, we ask that you print a copy, sign it, and request it be placed in your supervisory file to document your workload issues.

2)     Complete this union survey to help us gather information on your current workload. This information will help us better document and advocate for improvements around workload with management.

If you receive pushback or concern from your management regarding your request to place this letter in your supervisory file, please do not hesitate to contact your Law Enforcement Labor Advocate Ton Johnson ASAP.

DOC Raises in the 2023-25 Contract 

Click to read the entire list of raises by job classification.

Click to read the entire list of raises by job classification.

Click here to learn more about the arbitration award and the remainder of our 2023-25 contract.

Questions? Attend an upcoming meeting by RSVPing at one of the links below. 

Upcoming DOC Meetings

Whare are Action Meetings?

DAM meetings, (DOC Action Meetings) are member-led discussions to address concerns such as Legislation, Contracts, Arbitration, Safety, and other issues important to DOC Members.

What are GRE Town Halls?

Our union is hosting member-led Town Halls to address the unique and changing dynamics of the GRE. Please join us and spread the word amongst your fellow GRE coworkers.

March 1, 2023: GRE Town Hall

May 24, 2023: Action Meeting: Sections 3,4 & 7

May 31, 2023: GRE Town Hall

June 14, 2023: Action Meeting, Sections 5 & 6

August 30, 2023: GRE Town Hall

September 20, 2023: Action Meeting, Sections 5 & 6 

October 5, 2023: Action Meeting, Sections 1 & 2

November 29, 2023: GRE Town Hall

December 6, 2023: Action Meeting, All Sections

Legislative Priorities

During the 2023 Legislative Session, our union is speaking up for DOC members' jobs, families and communities by supporting beneficial legislation, speaking out against harmful legislation and pressuring elected officials to fund our DOC contract.

Below are several priority items for DOC members.

Funding Our 2023-25 Contract

SB 5187 / HB 1140 –Ratify our collective bargaining agreements, including the significant arbitration award detailed above, to ensure the state can hire and retain the workforce necessary to provide the vital public services we all depend on.

Union Rights for WMS Workers

SB 5141HB 1122: Allows members of the Washington Management Service (WMS) the ability to join a union and collectively bargain if they chose to. This bill will give DOC's WMS employees a new ability to negotiate for better wages, benefits, working conditions, and address growing recruitment and retention issues within the workforce.

Vehicular Pursuits

HB 1586 – Requiring the criminal justice training commission to establish a work group and grant program related to vehicular pursuits. There are many harmful attempts to change pursuit laws. There needs to be a unified and deliberate approach that evaluates the implications associated with changes in law relative to pursuit. To that end our union supports the establishment of a multidisciplinary committee to make recommendations to the Legislature.

See more WFSE priority bills here.

WMS Union Organizing

Our union, the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE/AFCME Council 28), represents classified staff in Community Corrections, Records and Re-entry. We have a long history of advocacy and success negotiating pay increases and improvements in the workplace.

Many WMS staff at DOC have made it clear that they need a path to advocate for themselves. While the pay for the staff WMS supervise continues to rise, WMS pay has stayed stagnant and compression in pay hasn’t been addressed by DOC or the state legislature.

That’s why our union has introduced House Bill 1122 that would give collective bargaining rights to ALL WMS staff — to finally be able to sit down at the bargaining table and address pay inequities from a position of power as a union.

What does this mean for WMS staff at DOC? It’s up to you.

The first step is we need to get the bill passed through the state legislature. That means WMS staff that support the idea of having a voice over their pay need to get active and tell their legislators they support this (on your personal time).

WMS staff also need to take this time to get organized so IF the legislation gets passed, WFSE can file to represent you on day one, July 1, 2023 with the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC).

WMS staff that support this effort can sign the membership and authorization card.

WMS DOC staff have already started signing cards. If you would like to learn more about this effort, please contact a WFSE organizer Stephen Bruen, [email protected], or call 360-259-2665.

WFSE Public Safety Protection Program

WFSE offers our law enforcement members a legal defense program, the Public Safety Protection Program, that is the same one offered by Washington FOP but at half the price with added benefits.

Learn more and sign up

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