Public Safety Protection Plan

WFSE/AFSCME Public Safety Protection Program (PSPP)

WFSE/AFSCME Members Only Benefits now offers a legal defense program – Public Safety Protection Program – that is the same one offered by Washington FOP – but at half the price with added benefits – to our law enforcement members.

JOIN TODAY: File Complete this form, download it, and email it to [email protected].


24-hour access to legal representation for on-the-job civil and criminal action administered through the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund. PORAC is the largest and most successful legal defense fund in the country for public safety officers. You must be an active member to receive services. 

The WFSE First Response Program grants you twenty-four hour access to legal representation for departmental investigation under the collective bargaining agreement when you are involved in a critical incident involving a serious injury, death, shooting of another person, or whenever a firearm is discharged during the course of an employee’s official duties.

  • Chris Coker, Attorney at Law: 360-791-6736

Project Help offers support free of charge for injured workers in any phase of the workers’ compensation process, from initial filing of a claim to claim closure.


Your payroll deduction for the AFSCME Public Safety Protection Program is $6.00 per pay check, which covers the cost for the PORAC legal defense fund representation coverage. For eligible members, the premium is deducted through state payroll deductions. Only those officers who are union members and join will be covered.

PLAN DOCUMENT: Plan Document of the Legal Defense Fund

JOIN TODAY: File Complete this form, download it, and email it to [email protected].

Here’s what your fellow WFSE/AFSCME Public Safety members say:

“We take risks every day to ensure public safety. We need legal back up. This legal defense fund is critical for law enforcement officers to have peace of mind at work. I will be encouraging my fellow officers to sign up for this program. We need legal back up to protect the future of law enforcement professionals.”  - Bill Copland, Community Corrections Specialist, Washington Department of Corrections

“Washington State Park Rangers have already begun signing up for this program. I highly recommend our program. It is part of PORAC – the nations* largest and most successful legal defense fund for police and law enforcement professionals. Join us and protect your future! Our union is committed to meeting the unique needs of law enforcement. This program is one more reason why it pays to be union with WFSE/AFSCME.” - Don Hall , Washington State Park Ranger

“The WFSE/AFSCME legal defense fund is the same as the one offered by Washington FOP, but at half the price and added benefits. Our union has negotiated a great deal for WFSE/AFSCME law enforcement union members. With our program we get criminal, civil and workman’s comp legal defense; no cap on benefits and at a great price. I encourage you to sign up today.”- Quincy Burns, Eastern Washington University Police

“I work as a Park Ranger in law enforcement. Our union, the Washington Federation of State Employees, is offering a program that provides legal representation for civil, L&I and criminal liability for law enforcement members. Our union program is second to none in the nation. I am proud to be a member of a national union representing more than 100,000 police and public safety law enforcement professionals.” - Denis Felton, Washington State Park Ranger

“WFSE/AFSCME is offering a legal protection program just for law enforcement union members. We no longer need to pay the FOP to make sure our families, homes and futures are protected! This is a comprehensive, high quality legal defense program available at a very low cost to law enforcement union members of WFSE. As a Officer, I need to know I have legal back up while I am doing my job. I’m glad our union is working hard to meet the unique needs of law enforcement union members.” - Police Officer Josef Bailey, Western Washington University

If you would like more information about this program, please contact Ton Johnson, WFSE/AFSCME Law Enforcement Labor Advocate at 833-622-9373 or your Council Representative.