The Evergreen State College, Student Services Support Staff Unit (TESC SSSU)

2023-25 Contract Ratified!

Your TESC SSSSU Bargaining Team pushed hard for each of the gains in this new tentative agreement (TA) We are proud of the significant economic gains including a generous signing bonus, as well as the new protections during suspended operations and reasonable accommodations which were high priorities. Although more gains need to be made down the road, we are confident that this agreement reflects great progress and we look forward to fighting alongside you in the future.


  • $1,000 recruitment and retention bonus on July 25, 2023 paycheck (see MOU)
  • Guarantees 4% increase in compensation on July 1, 2023 and 3% increase on July 1, 2024 (see Art. 40)
  • Explicitly includes protection from all legally recognized forms of discrimination (see Art. 2)
  • Provides membership in a professional association for each member (see Art. 8)
  • And more

More Information:

Agreement Summary
Full Agreement