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Through a special agreement with Bright Now! Dental, WFSE/AFSCME members and their families enrolled in the Uniform Dental Plan have this Members Only Benefit. Because of Bright Now! Dental’s long-standing relationships with unions they are able to bring you this special offer. This is not an insurance plan, but works in conjunction with the dental benefits through Uniform or, if you currently do not have dental benefits, on a cash basis. There is no cost to participate, no restrictions and no per-visit charges. This is a voluntary dental option.

  • Twenty-two (22) offices to choose from in Washington.
  • Availability of complete General Dentistry at exclusive discounted rates for union members and their families, and in some cases, zero out-of-pocket costs. (Applies to those with Uniform Dental Plan or on a cash basis.)
  • Availability of most Specialty Dentistry (oral surgery, root canals, gum disease, dental implants, etc.). Union members receive 35% off of all Specialty Care (Applies to all members).
  • Exclusive special offer for BRACES for WFSE/AFSCME members –  $144.50 per month, average 24-month case, $150 down, 30 monthly installments.  (Applies to all members).
  • To assist union members during difficult economic times, Bright Now! Dental is offering a GIFT COUPON for $25 off every $100 out-of-pocket. (Applies to those with Uniform Dental Plan or on a cash basis)
  • Guaranteed $500 Credit for all members, along with many other Flexible Financing and Payment Options depending on the patient’s needs.
  • Evening and Saturday appointments and 24-hour telephone emergency care.

For more information, call Carrie Magnuson at (253) 405-4547 or [email protected].

Also 1-888-BRIGHT NOW (274-4486) or visit them at

NEW! Benefits now extended to ABHS members:

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