WFSE Rallies Statewide as State Threatens Public Services

On Tuesday, September 13, WFSE members took to the streets in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham and Tri-Cities to deliver this message:

An unfair state worker contract puts Washingtonians at risk.

Public sector workers — the very people who risked their lives to get us through the pandemic — are negotiating their 2023-25 contracts. 

The state and our higher ed institutions continue to willfully ignore the staffing crisis playing out across the state and the budget surplus that could be used to address it.

A Dangerous Decision

With just a few bargaining dates left, the state appears to have made the dangerous decision to:

  • Run our state agencies with critically low staffing levels
  • Skimp on public safety
  • Accept hazardous workplace conditions
  • Not recruit and retain the dedicated public servants Washingtonians deserve

Public servants don't deserve the vicious cycle of mandatory overtimes, burnout and short-staffing. Washingtonians don’t deserve limited access to vital services. 

Give Inslee a Call

Give our Governor a call at 360-902-4111. Leave a message explaining the work you do, how Washingtonians benefit from it, and why we deserve a fair compensation package. Aren't a public service worker? Let him know why public services matter to you!

Other Ways to Take Action:

Contact Kelly Woodward, 360-688-3905, Deputy Director of State Human Resources, and let her know where you work, the importance of your work, and why we deserve a strong contract.