Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office Bargaining Updates

2024 - 2025 Contract RATIFIED!

WFSE members at the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office ratified our new contract, 96% of voters chose to ratify this agreement.

Contract Highlights

There are important economic benefits, including an increase to 37.5 paid hours in the work week starting in 2025. Although more gains need to be made down the road, we are confident that this agreement reflects important progress and we look forward to fighting alongside you in the future.

  • Better access to new hires for the purpose of learning about Union benefits ·       
  • 4% compensation increase in year one, retroactive to January 6, 2024, and then 4% in year two of the contract     
  • Beginning January 6, 2025, an increase in the work week from 35 to 37.5 paid work hours, this equates to a 7.1% pay increase        
  • A method to revert back to a prior position if unable to clear probation in a new position
  • Needn’t provide a reason for sick leave      
  • Cash-out for sick leave is a mandatory right and no longer at management’s discretion
  • Extend bereavement leave to also cover domestic partners, in-laws, and those serving in loco parentis for a child

Read the Full Agreement Here