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PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION: Affordable funeral arrangements

 Through a special arrangement with People’s Memorial Association, dues-paying members of the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME can get a discounted lifetime membership rate that gives them access to this new benefit. It helps members and their families avoid the confusion, sales pressure and high expense often associated with cremation and burial arrangements.

Members pay one lifetime membership fee of $25 (compared to the normal $35 fee) to join People’s Memorial Association. For that $25 fee, members get sizeable cost savings at the association’s Seattle Cooperative Funeral Home, 19 contracted funeral homes across Washington and six cemeteries. You’d have access to the Indigent Cremation Fund. You’d also become automatic members of the national Funeral Consumer’s Alliance, which has affiliates across the United States.

This is offered exclusively for WFSE/AFSCME full dues-paying members. The lifetime membership fee is per person and is available to all full dues-paying members, their immediate families, including their parents.  Children under 18 are covered by their parents’ or grandparents’ membership.  Once children turn 18, they must apply and pay for their own membership.

Why is this new exclusive members-only benefit important?

Funeral arrangements can be one of the top expenses a family encounters in their lifetime, after buying a house and car. The difference? When shopping for a house or car, buyers shop. They research, compare prices and determine what suits them and their families best. People rarely shop when they need funeral services. That means the funeral industry can charge whatever they want – and consumers have to pay it.

People’s Memorial Association was formed in 1939 by a group of church congregations to gain collective bargaining power to do something about this expensive, predatory industry.

Now, 75 years later, People’s Memorial Association has more than 80,000 living members. And now WFSE/AFSCME full dues-paying members can join those ranks with the exclusive $25 lifetime membership with People’s Memorial Association.

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