WFSE Legislative Victories: HB 1888 and More!

When we speak up together, we win!

WFSE members scored several legislative victories over the past week, including bills that will protect our birthdates from public disclosure, hold private government contractors accountable, and grant language access providers the ability to negotiate their health care.

Take a look at the WFSE-sponsored bills that are on their way to Governor Inslee's desk:

HB 1888
(Hudgins): Protecting public employee dates of birth from public disclosure

HB 1521
(Dolan): Providing for accountability and transparency in government contracting

HB 2017
(Frame): Collective bargaining for administrative law judges
HB 2691 (Valdez) to help interpreters gain access to health care.

HB 2739 (Kloba): Allowing employees to retain some vacation or sick leave while receiving shared leave

These bills would not have cleared the legislature without WFSE members taking action. Our letters, phone calls, emails, and visits to the Capitol made the difference.

Are you concerned about legislation that is still pending or want to thank supportive legislators for their action these bills? Call 855-982-1762.