Learn About Washington's Rigged Tax Code

Washington State has the most unfair tax system in the country. That’s right, we are 50 out of 50. Those who make the least carry the heaviest burden.

This means that:

  • Public employees are not paid what we’re worth
  • The services we provide are underfunded
  • It’s a constant fight to maintain work conditions, pensions and our healthcare
  • Marginalized communities are being inordinately taxed, furthering racial injustice

Washington state's tax code is the most regressive in the country.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when one in four Washington households are struggling to afford usual expenses, billionaires in our state have gotten $151,000,000,000 richer.

Little to none of that wealth will go toward our struggling communities.

We launched the People First Campaign to educate and mobilize WFSE members and our allies on the need for revenue reform, institutional change, and an investment in public services. 

This is the moment we have to decide whether we want a Washington that works for the super wealthy or for everyone. The choice has never been more clear.

It's Time for Billionaires to Contribute

1. Write Your Elected Officials

Clicking this link will automatically send a letter to elected officials in your district urging them to do the right thing and call on the super wealthy to pay their fair share.

You can customize the letter however you like.

2. Call Your Elected Officials

Clicking this link will automatically trigger a call to your legislators. 

You will be provided with a short script but you are encouraged to share what you do and why your service matters to the people of Washington.

3. Take Action on Other WFSE-Supported Bills

We're lobbying legislators from home in 2021. Review other WFSE priority bills, including the capital gains tax, wealth tax, a pension bill and more. Lobby from home here.