DSHS: Assaults on Staff at CSTC Must End

WFSE members at the Child Study and Treatment Center run the only state-operated and funded psychiatric hospital for children and youth ages 5-17.

Assaults have been rising dramatically due to management inaction.

23 staff were injured on the job between December 9, 2023 and January 31st 2024.

That’s about one injury every 2 days. Of those 23 injuries, 16 of them took place on San Juan cottage. That is evidence of a serious safety issue.

To serve youth and families who are in need, we need to be safe on the job. Management has to listen.

Our members are now taking direct action to protect themselves, their coworkers and the important work of the CSTC

 These are simple asks, and we are asking for management to hear us.

Click Here to Attend a Worker Memorial Day Event

  • Lakewood - WFSE Local 793 Worker Memorial Day: 11 am - 1 pm (program at noon), Thursday April 25 at Western State Hospital, 9601 Steliacoom Blvd SW
  • Tumwater - Dept of Labor and Industries Worker Memorial Day: 2pm, Thursday, April 25, 7273 Linderson Way S.W.