The Evergreen State College Police Unit Bargaining Updates

2023-2025 Contract Bargaining Updates

Your TESC Police Unit contract has been ratified!  The highlights of what we bargained include:

  • Base Wage Increases:                                     

             07-01-2022          3.25% - Agreed to in MOU
             07-01-2023          4.5%                                   
             07-01-2024          4.5%

  • Law Enforcement employees assigned as FTO/PTO, will be paid at a rate two steps above their base rate of pay for the duration of their FTO/PTO assignment.  This appears to be a slight reduction, but we agreed to secure the 9% across the board increase for everyone.
  • Certified instructors assigned to provide training, other than an FTO assignment, will receive an additional five percent (5%) of their base rate of pay for the hours spent providing training.
  • Law enforcement employees assigned as the Evidence Officer will be paid at a rate two steps above their base rate of pay for the duration of their Evidence Officer assignment.
  • Time spent by employees whose off-duty hours are interrupted by work-related calls requiring more than a de minimus response will be considered hours worked, with a minimum of one-half (1/2) hour compensation for each separate situation.  Employees are expected to avoid calls to off-duty personnel that are not authorized by a supervisor or required by a time-sensitive work matter.
  • Legislative change requiring retention of corrective/disciplinary documents for life of employment.  Achieved language providing protections in relation to progressive discipline while complying with the change in statute.

 Your bargaining team consisted of:

Tyson Forrest, Evergreen Police Officer
Ton Johnson, WFSE Law Enforcement Labor Advocate 


Congratulations on  your ratification!