To ensure we're ready to negotiate and vote on our contract as soon as we win the election, we need as many L&I interpreters as possible to sign on as official union members of Interpreters Uni

L&I interpreters want a REAL union. 600+ of us have now stated that loud and clear. We need to have an election, not more delays.

A small group of direct billers that call themselves WA Interpreters are trying to prevent many L&I interpreters from joining a union.

Why? So they can keep most L&I appointments for themselves.

They have attacked fellow interpreters in conspiracy theory YouTube videos, lied about filing lawsuits, and only managed to drag our profession through the mud.

Why are so many interpreters taking L&I jobs saying they're going to vote for Interpreters United (WFSE) in the election? 

We are a real union. 

Our demands were heard! L&I announced that 94% of all payments will be made at the end of this pay cycle.

Many of you came to the last two Interpreters United (WFSE) Town Halls and made your demands clear. We heard loud and clear the issues you raised about the interpretingWorks scheduling system.

The overwhelming and pervasive problem is that payments have not been made for jobs done, some from as far back as April 2021. This is a legal matter, not just sloppy work.

10 Questions for Your Union

Any union should be able to answer the questions below. If it can't, beware!

In the depths of the pandemic, Interpreters United (WFSE) was there for our fellow interpreters.

“I am proud and thankful for the support Interpreters United has provided though these difficult times. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our safety net. Interpreters United has done great providing resources and valuable information to our interpreter community.”

Everything you need to start taking interpreting jobs protected by a union contract.

Let's look back to 2009. Appointments ending early meant less money than expected, and late cancellations and no shows meant no pay at all.

We had no protections against claw backs.

Today, we enjoy a strong voice in our profession and double the wages we were earning 10 years ago. How did it happen?

We Made History