Demand Letter Sent to L&I

Many of you came to the last two Interpreters United (WFSE) Town Halls and made your demands clear. We heard loud and clear the issues you raised about the interpretingWorks scheduling system.

The overwhelming and pervasive problem is that payments have not been made for jobs done, some from as far back as April 2021. This is a legal matter, not just sloppy work.

So we served a demand to L&I to pay up or we will file a class-action lawsuit against this agency (attached here for your information).

A Union that Walks the Walk

Interpreters United (WFSE) is the union that walks the walk, instead of talking the talk. Even though no union represents L&I yet, Interpreters United (WFSE) is already taking steps to ensure interpreters are paid on time.

However, our power relies on our strength.

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Town Hall with interpretingWorks: We Won It!

You also expressed that you wanted transparency about appointment distribution and collectively demanded that interpretingWorks hold an informational seminar.

We listened to you and contacted interpretingWorks and the administrator of this software agreed to hold a town hall to answer your questions this coming Wednesday 7/21 @ 6 PM.

Due to the large number of interpreters registered, questions must be submitted ahead of time. You will receive an email after you register where you can submit questions.

Please join us in this very important event and let our voices be heard in unison.

Space is limited, so make sure you reserve a spot now!

Unity = Power

Interpreters United (WFSE) Quân Tran, President