2025-2027 Contract Negotiations: What's Next?

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After a weeklong vote in December and several run-off elections the first week of January, WFSE members have selected the coworkers they want negotiating our 2025-2027 union contracts.

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Our 2025-2027 Bargaining Team Members

If you won a seat on your bargaining team, first off — congrats! 

You will have a major role in crafting a collective bargaining agreement that will affect thousands of public employees, current and future.

Administrative Law Judges

Kimberly Kamienska-Hodge, ALJ | ELECTED
Russell Mikow, ALJ | ELECTED
Lauren Berkowitz, ALJ | ELECTED
Courtney Beebe, ALJ | ELECTED
Mark Falk, ALJ | Appointed

Assistant Attorneys General/AWAAG

Christina Dallen, SW Region | ELECTED 
Alfredo Gonzalez Benitez, DEI | ELECTED
John Jaquish, Dependency Caseload | ELECTED
Katie Christopherson, Eastern WA Region | ELECTED
Kendra LaCour, NW Region | ELECTED
Evelyn Fielding Lopez | ELECTED

Community College Coalition

Tonya Rehberg, Community Colleges of Spokane | ELECTED 
Ward Kaplan, Community Colleges of Spokane | ELECTED 
Kimi Crombie, EVCC | ELECTED
Scott Beals, GRCC | ELECTED
Tracy Stanley, LCC | ELECTED
Tom Cline, PCC | ELECTED
Thuy Nguyen, SCD - N | ELECTED
Diane Ellis, SCD - C | ELECTED
James Ellis, SCD - D | ELECTED
Sandy Long, SCD - S | ELECTED
Patricia Hermoso, TCC | ELECTED
Dan Andreason, WCC | ELECTED

General Government (Most State Agencies)

Kenedy Aaga, BHA | ELECTED
Lorrie Wandler, DDA | ELECTED
Pam Davis, DDA | ELECTED
Michele Burge, DVA | ELECTED
Shree Jenkins, JR | ELECTED
Joseph Hancock, CSD | ELECTED
Shannon Barry, DCS | ELECTED
Kizzy Andreason, DCYF | ELECTED
Sundy Ballester, HCS | ELECTED
Justin Smith, Human Services At-Large | ELECTED
Jeanette Obelcz, DCYF | ELECTED
Charles Loeffler, DCYF | ELECTED
Justin Tverberg, DOT | ELECTED
Chris Vasseur-Landriault, Unified State Agencies | ELECTED
Les Bowen, Unified State Agencies | ELECTED
Teresa Alldredge, Natural Resources | ELECTED
Keith Gonzalez, Natural Resources | ELECTED
Nikki Butler, LNI | ELECTED
Katherine Anderson, ESD | ELECTED 
Bill Copland, DOC | ELECTED
Benjamin Olsen, Legal Services | ELECTED

Higher Education

Terll Stone, CWU | ELECTED
William (Chris) Everett, CWU | ELECTED
Mandy Downing, EWU | ELECTED
Craig Walker, EWU | ELECTED
Chris Galow, EWU | ELECTED
Emily Buriak, EWU | ELECTED
Clint Williams, EWU | ELECTED
Jose Villasano, EWU Uniformed Personnel | ELECTED
Robert Schmitter, EWU Uniformed Personnel | ELECTED
Dan Tabak, EWU Uniformed Personnel | ELECTED
Zach Young, TESC | ELECTED
Richard Ohlson, TESC | ELECTED
Alicia (Ozzy) Bustamante, TESC | ELECTED
Eric Lakewold, TESC | ELECTED
Daniel Mountain, TESC | ELECTED
Katherine Killen, TESC Uniformed Personnel | ELECTED
Jason Brausen, WSU | ELECTED
Dave Lindsay, WWU | ELECTED
Nels Paul Carlson, WWU | ELECTED
Mirabelle Lemiaux, WWU | ELECTED
Sarah Neugebauer, WWU | ELECTED
Gennaro Carbone, WWU | ELECTED
Brenda Wagar, WWU | ELECTED
Billy Walker, WWU | ELECTED
Britta Eschete, WWU | ELECTED
Shona Savage, WWU | ELECTED

Language Access Providers/ Interpreters United Local 1671

Norma Verduzco, Group 1 (Clark & Skamania) | ELECTED
Barbara Robertson, Group 2 (Pierce, Clallam, Cowlitz, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Kitsap, Lewis, Mason, Pacfiic, Thurston & Wahkiakum) | ELECTED
Gabriel Oseguera, Group 3 (King) | ELECTED
Sixta Castillo, Group 3 (King) | ELECTED
Sarah McConhy Zeimer, Group 6 (Asotin, Ferry, Garfield, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens & Whitman) | ELECTED
Magda Enriques, Group 7 Adams, Benton, Columbia, Franklin & Walla Walla | ELECTED
Masuood Muhammed, Group 8 (Language that isn't Spanish or Russian) | ELECTED
Quan Tran, Group 8 (Language that isn't Spanish or Russian) | ELECTED
Ismael Mohamed and Arnulfo Ramirez  | APPOINTED

University of Washington

Erik Hellen, UW Campuswide | ELECTED
Carson Ivins, Trades | ELECTED
Ian Hull, Bothell, Tacoma, PAC Lab | ELECTED
Salvador Castillo, Campuswide Custodian | ELECTED
Dontazz Williams, UW Campuswide | ELECTED
Jessica Daoust, UW Campuswide | ELECTED
Duncan Jay, UW HMC | ELECTED
Hailey Casey, UW Security HMC | ELECTED
Katherine Montjoy, UW Security HMC | ELECTED
Fasil Tegabu, UW HMC | ELECTED
Rachel Pryor, UW HMC | ELECTED
Steve Kryszko, UW Campuswide | ELECTED
Kenneth Clark, Trades | ELECTED

What's Next?

  • Bargaining Team Training

All WFSE members that negotiate our contracts undergo training to learn what wins at the bargaining table. A huge part of being a member of the bargaining team is keeping fellow union members informed and engaged in the contract fight.

Trainings are occuring throughout February and March. See pictures here.

  • Review Contract Proposals

Our members not only choose who will bargain our contracts. They also set the priorities for our bargaining teams by submitting contract proposals. This winter and early spring bargaining teams will review and vet contract proposals.

  • Send out a Bargaining Survey

After our bargaining teams review all the contract proposals from the membership, they will put together a bargaining survey containing the most requested contract priorities. Members will then be able to rank those priorities from most important to least important. This survey helps our bargaining teams focus on what matters most to our members.

Who negotiates our contracts? You do.

WFSE members negotiate our contracts alongside a negotiations expert from WFSE staff. 

The members representing us at the bargaining table have serious responsibilities that affect the lives of thousands of WFSE members, including:

  • Developing the initial bargaining proposal to be presented to the employer
  • Negotiating with the employer
  • Approving final contract language and making recommendations to union siblings on whether they believe the proposed agreements should be approved or rejected

Bargaining teams have the power to alter, modify, change, or concede on all issues to obtain the best possible contracts and reach a tentative agreement, or declare that the team has reached an impasse. They are truly your representatives at the table.

Who can serve on a bargaining team?

Negotiating the contract that spells out our wages, benefits, and rights is a critical part of being a union member. For this reason, you must be a full WFSE member to participate.

Not a full WFSE member? Join now so you can vote on the contract our bargaining teams negotiate. 

What’s at stake?

Our contracts determine our rights at work and our financial futures. Bargaining team members will determine the compensation package, time off, and changes to our working conditions that we present to our membership for a vote.

Do I need experience to serve on a bargaining team?

No experience in negotiations is required. You are the expert in your work. 

However, to win a strong contract, our members need dedicated bargaining team members who are ready to commit their time, effort, and experience to winning the best possible contract. 

What is the time commitment?

Bargaining team members spend a lot of time over many months, sometimes late into the evening, negotiating, researching, communicating, and mobilizing union power.

Bargaining team members:

  • Are responsible for communicating with members about this critical process, including report-outs at worksites
  • Must be willing to share their contact information with the members they are representing at the table
  • Must work with WFSE staff to schedule meetings during this process
  • Must abide by all rules of conduct established by their respective teams

Team members may be required to travel as necessary. When travel is required, WFSE will assist with making travel arrangements and will pay for travel expenses in accordance with the WFSE's member expense policy.

Bargaining team members may also be authorized time loss in accordance with WFSE policy to aid them in fulfilling these responsibilities.