The Early Learning Center on the Everett Community College campus is in danger of being handed over to an outside contractor that will operate it as a limited-service daycare center. Our community of educators, workers, parents, and community have been left out of the process.

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Great week for our priority legislation

In the past eight days, Federation members saw several of our priority bills signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee.

I AM 2018: Fifty years later, the struggle continues

Maurice Spivey, a Memphis sanitation worker and member of AFSCME Local 1733, takes pride in serving his community. Every day, he and his co-workers give back to their neighbors and to the city they call home.

Just as important, Spivey says, “We’re holding up Dr. King’s blood-soaked banner.”

BULLETIN: Important developments in wake of Rally to Save UW Laundry

As you recall, the University of Washington has announced the proposed closure and contracting out of the UW Consolidated Laundry – and displacement of 120 workers. These workers rallied on the main UW campus Wednesday (March 28) as they take their fight to the community, campus and corridors of power.

At Save UW Laundry Rally on UW Campus. “It’s really sad they’re trying to close down this laundry.”—Patricia Thomas

TELL UW Medicine to do the right thing and keep the UW Laundry. Please share on FB one or more of these photos today to show solidarity with the laundry workers.


New report:

“The highest-paid state employees, year in and year out, work for state universities, and the biggest paychecks go to football and basketball coaches.” — 3/20/18…/Washington-s-25-highest-paid-st…

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