Update: Community College Coalition Approves MOU to Limit Furloughs

6/25/20 Update:

93% voted yes to proceed with the GG MOU limiting the impact of furloughs. In the coming days, we'll be providing resources to help guide members through this process.

Public service workers, small businesses and communities have sacrificed plenty through the pandemic. Now, to prevent future service and job cuts, we must call on Washington lawmakers to require the super-wealthy (like Jeff Bezos) to start paying their fair share in taxes. It's time for legislators to finally address the nation's most regressive tax structure. Take action now.

Everyone knows times are tough. In May, America lost 585,000 public jobs. In Washington State, things are dire. If current predictions hold true, the losses could make the Great Recession look comparatively mild.

Our union is preventing job loss by securing this memorandum of understanding​ (MOU), introducing a limited reduction in hours (also known as furloughs). While not ideal, reduction in hours mitigates job loss, helps members maintain vital health insurance during the pandemic, limit impacts on retirement, and ensures that our colleges retain employees in order to best serve our students when they return to campus.  Furthermore, a large segment of the membership will see a net financial gain through federal assistance provided by the CARES Act.

Estimated Impact of Partial Furloughs for Washington State Employees
How to Vote on the MOU
Watch a Zoom Info Session
What About My Raise?
What Is the Shared Work Program?
Am I eligible for Shared Work?
OFM: Frequently asked questions about the 20-08 directive on furloughs and general wage increases

Estimated Impact of Partial Furloughs for Washington Employees

As you see below, workers that use the Washington SharedWork Program are likely to enjoy a net financial gain:

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How to Vote on the MOU

Members will be able to vote on whether to accept or reject the MOU—please check your email for voting instructions, and contact the Member Connection center at [email protected] or 833-MCC-WFSE (1-833-622-9373) if you need assistance. To vote on the MOU, please visit vote.wfse.org. Eligible voters received a username and password in their email.

Voting is open from 12 pm Tuesday, June 23 until 11 am Thursday, June 25.

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Zoom Informational Sessions

​Members had an opportunity to learn more about this tentative agreement during two scheduled online Zoom meetings. If you weren't able to attend, you can watch a recording below.

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What about my raise?

As a union, we successfully preserved the 3% raises provided under our current contract.

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What is the SharedWork Program?

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Am I Eligible for SharedWork?

There is some confusion regarding who is eligible for the program. Some are saying that you are not eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) if you make more than $790/week. This is incorrect.

The reference to $790/week is the maximum benefit under UI in the State of Washington. Those who are eligible for the full $790 would ALSO get the $600 a week through the CARES Act for a total of $1390 maximum benefit through July 25th, after which the maximum benefit reverts to $790 due to the expiration of the CARES Act. 

For more information, check out the SharedWork FAQ for Claimants and the SharedWork Payment Calculation Chart.

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