Bully Free Zone


Workplace bullying is a form of malicious conduct where one or more employees with organizational power deliberately and repeatedly practice or perpetrate at least one of the following behaviors against a worker:

  • VERBAL ABUSE such as derogatory remarks, insults, humiliating slurs.
  • THREATENING CONDUCT – conduct that a reasonable person would find threatening or intimidating.
  • SABOTAGE – gratuitous sabotage or the undermining of a worker’s work perfomance.
  • MISINFORMATION – deliberately falsified or unfounded negative information about a worker.
  • WITHHOLDING INFORMATION – deliberately withholding needed information from a worker.
  • ABUSE OF AUTHORITY by painfully manipulating a worker.
  • DELIBERATE AND REPEATED – any similar deliberate and repeated behavior.

Workplace Bullying – What Everyone Needs to Know

Workplace bullying is a serious health and safety issue. The targets of bullying may suffer from physical and mental health problems that can last for many years.

Bullying behavior also has serious consequences for businesses, including reduced production and failure to achieve workplace goals.

Learn how to recognize and prevent bullying in your workplace.



  • If you are experiencing bullying in the workplace, please contact the Member Connection Center at 833-MCC-WFSE (1-833-622-9373)

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