Safety, Equipment, Pay Equity Highlighted at DOT Summit

WFSE members from the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) held a summit over the weekend to identify workplace issues and strategize on how they can address them as a union.

Members brought up everything from outdated equipment to the need for biohazard training, issues they plan to take to management next Monday.

Joy Draper, a maintenance lead tech from Tacoma, said that taking on issues starts with becoming a union member.

“We have a stronger voice for our safety when we’re united. That’s why I’m talking to my coworkers about getting involved.”

DOT employees work tirelessly year-round to ensure public safety. They clear roads of snow and debris, make repairs, redirect traffic during auto accidents, and much more. It’s a thankless and dangerous job that deserves respect.

“Standing together as a union is how we speak up for the right equipment, as well as fair and equitable wages and benefits,” said Justin Tverberg, an Equipment Tech III from Okanogan.

Tverberg is attending a steward training this Saturday in Spokane to learn more about his collective bargaining agreement and how he can support his coworkers.

A delegation of DOT members will attend the Union-Management Communication Committee (UMCC) meeting on Monday. If you want to get more involved in your union, contact the WFSE Member Connection Center at 1-833-MCC-WFSE.

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