1 Week, 400 New WFSE Members

Not bad for one week of work! Thanks to the amazing effort of our Volunteer Member Organizers, our union has become nearly 400 members stronger. 

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We know that we are stronger when we join together in a union. It means we have a strong voice to speak up for our jobs, our families and our communities.

May’s Westside Blitz was our most memorable blitz to date.

First, WFSE members gathered for an all-day training where they honed their organizing skills. 

Next they were out knocking on doors and visiting worksites. They shared information about the wins in our union contracts, many of which will be going into effect July 1. Some highlights include job-class specific raises, and every worker getting at least a 7% raise over the next two years. 

But as we all know, the benefit of beloning to a union isn't just dollars and cents; it's having a voice in the work we do and the power to speak up when we're not treated fairly on the job or facing unsafe working conditions. 

Members are Our Union

Everything we accomplish in our union is because of our members. Members are our union. And it was member serving as Volunteer Member Organizers that signed up nearly 400 new members.

They worked tirelessly during the Blitz to ensure that anyone curious about joining WFSE got the support they needed to make the decision to join.

Their amazing work at over 100 worksites has made an impact that will last at WFSE for years to come as new members all over Washington join us in our efforts to organize and empower individuals through our union.

 Thank you again to our VMOs, and a very warm welcome to our new members!

Are you interested in sharpening your skills as an organizer?

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