United to Address the High Cost of Living in Seattle

WFSE Local 304 members at the Seattle Colleges delivered a petition to the Board of Trustees on June 14th signed by 417 classified and hourly staff from across the three campuses. The petition demanded that Chancellor Pan and Board Chair Louise Chernin take immediate action to address the cost of living and low wages.  

40 members funnelled into the small boardroom chanting “We can’t support our students if we can’t pay our rent”. Members read the petition and gave powerful testimonials. The local president concluded “We’re asking the college district to take immediate action in the 2018-2019 budget to do whatever it is that you can to address the cost of living for our members”.

Showing solidarity, Annette Stofer, Faculty Union President (AFT Seattle) said "I speak in support of the WFSE Classified Staff who showed up today asking for a living wage. They face serious financial pressures in our current economy. We even have full-time faculty who are questioning whether they can afford to stay in Seattle. And their challenges are not as great as for the Classified Staff employees."

After delivering their message, members posted the massive petition to the wall and marched out of the boardroom chanting "We'll be back!". Stay tuned to learn more about this fight!