You have the right to lobby. Use it.

Lobbying as a Public Servant: What Are Our Rights?

As a public employee, you have a special role in our state. Public employees protect some of our most vulnerable citizens, preserve our natural resources, and keep our roads safe. But what about your personal rights? Many state employees express concern about their ability to lobby their elected officials.

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You have the right to talk to your legislators.
They are your representatives, and it is your right to speak with them about issues that matter to you.

How should I contact my legislators?

  • On your own time, not while on the clock at work. Lunch breaks count as your own time.
  • On your personal phone, not on a work phone.
  • From your personal email, not from your work email.

When do I need to report contact with my legislators to the
Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)?
When lobbying as a private citizen, you do not need to report activity to the PDC. You will need to report:

  • Contact with legislators on an official matter, where you are acting on behalf of your employing agency and on offi¬cial agency matters, or where a legislator contacts you under these circumstances.
  • Check with your supervisor on reporting requirements if you have this kind of contact with a legislator.

What kind of contact with legislators is prohibited?
Using state resources to contact your legislators is prohibited. This includes:

  • Lobbying during paid work time.
  • Using state resources such as phones or email accounts.

For more information, contact the Member Connection Center at (833) 622-9373. Download a one-pager below.