How Does Climate Change Impact the Labor Movement? Find out Nov. 16!

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5.6 million Washington residents in areas of drought. Nearly 2,000 wildfires in one season, burning over 400 homes. On both sides of the state, climate change is wreaking havoc and causing catastrophe. But what does WFSE have to do with this? 

Climate justice is a labor issue. Every position in our union is impacted by climate change. From workers with climate change related job assignments to those of us who are breathing in wildfire-filled smoke during the summers, we can all feel the impacts of a changing planet. And with 47,000 members in WFSE alone, we have a voice in how climate legislation will shape Washington and the rest of the world for years to come. 

WFSE has always been a leader in pushing for innovative policy in the face of adversity, and climate policies are no different. We want our union to be climate champions!

We deserve a Washington where the mountains aren’t obscured by smoke, where the rivers run with abundant salmon, and where the beauty of our state can be enjoyed without fear of what we will lose in the coming years. We deserve a say in the future union jobs brought to Washington by renewable energy industries. We deserve to know what we can do to increase our standard of living while decreasing our carbon footprint.

 WFSE is fighting to ensure that future Washingtonians have a planet to enjoy, and we hope that you will join us on November 16 for the third installment of our Critical Issues Speaker Series where we will be joined in discussion by environmentalists, policy-makers, and workers who will tell us how WFSE can lead the labor movement in addressing the challenges of climate change.

Sign up for the online Climate Change session here.