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Contract negotiations are nearing completion

Our WFSE bargaining teams have been busy negotiating our 2019-2021 contracts — bargaining for workplace safety, work-life balance, hours, leave, classification adjustments in pay, across the board raises for everyone and other issues raised by members and submitted as proposals.

An important role for WFSE members is to show support for our WFSE bargaining teams during negotiations. Show support with photos, calls and emails. These actions are critical to our success. The employer-side negotiators see and hear you, too. And when members aren’t vocal, it impacts our strength and the employer is more likely to push back against our proposals. Please continue to send photos of support to [email protected].

The union is us - the members. Contract negotiations is where we set our terms for the next two years. Then we move to support legislation that funds and supports the important work we do to serve our communities throughout the State.

Here’s what you need to know:

When our bargaining teams reach agreement with state negotiators, they will post the terms of the contract (tentative agreement) for members to review and consider on their team websites.

Our contracts must reach tentative agreement and be ratified ­— approved by the members through a ratification vote — before October 1 to be included in the Governor’s budget.  When voting opens for your contract, notifications will be posted on your team’s website, FB.com/wfsec28, emailed and texted to bargaining unit members. 

Now is a good time to update your contact information. Call 833-622-9373 or send to [email protected].

Voting Assistance Centers

Attend a Voting Assistance Center (VAC) to review the tentative agreements, ask questions and to get assistance with voting online.

VACs will be listed on your team’s website once voting opens for your contract.

Voting closes September 28 at 5pm for all ratification votes.

Once members ratify the contract, and our contracts are placed in the Governor’s budget proposal, we’re done, right? No, not quite. Our contracts are not complete until funded in the budget approved by the legislature.

When the legislature convenes in January, Washington state legislators will debate and vote to either fund or reject our agreements. If funded, they will take effect July 1. If rejected, they are sent back to the Governor for further negotiations followed by another vote of the legislature. 

And again, we must make our voices heard — this time to our legislators.

Members voicing support of the contracts to their lawmakers is how we ensure our contracts are funded for the 2019-2021 biennium.

Watch WFSE.org to learn how you can participate in the legislative process.

Find your team info and WEBSITES here: