Welcome, Oregon Freelance Interpreters!

We are very excited to announce that freelance interpreters in Oregon organized and decided to join our union, AFSCME!

This marks the SECOND group and ONLY OTHER group of freelance interpreters in the entire country to form a union.

Why did they choose to join AFSCME?

The same reasons we formed Interpreters United (WFSE/AFSCME):

  • To fix a broken system
  • For better working conditions
  • Fair cancellation policies
  • Pay for the full scheduled duration of the appointment

We are currently working to expand these benefits to interpreters taking L&I appointments. Sign a card and let's make it happen!

Messages from Oregon Freelance Interpreters

"During this difficult time, NOW it is time to celebrate the great achievement of our interpreters' union, because this will allow interpreters to obtain better working conditions and trainings. Together we are heard, therefore stronger!"

Sonia L., Italian Interpreter

“I believe that our union will benefit all interpreters and create a better structure for the industry.”

Maria Fiallos, Spanish Interpreter

“I’m excited to finally have our union recognized! Unity can assure us value, recognition, a powerful voice, courage, and support.”

Sanjoy Dutt, Hindi, Bengali and Nepali Interpreter

“I’m looking forward to improving the quality of service for consumers and quality of life for interpreters of all languages.”

Kara DeGiovanni, ASL and Spanish Interpreter

“Union organizing isn't about signing cards - it's about empowering people and changing lives.”

Andrés Avila, Spanish Interpreter

“So far, cost of living has gone up significantly, but my rates haven’t budged. I am ready for fair working conditions and pay: a raise, a fair travel compensation and cancellation policy, and sick days! I am excited that interpreters will now have a say in negotiating our own contract--together, we are stronger!"

Felicity Ratway, Spanish Interpreter

Let’s Unite & Form a Union with AFSCME

Divided, we are powerless. Together we are unstoppable.

Have you signed an authorization card yet? We are fighting to win the same benefits for L&I interpreters that we’ve fought for and won over the last 10 years, but we have to organize L&I interpreters into a union to do it.

Interpreters deserve fairness and respect. 
Say YES to forming a union by signing a card.